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What is 4Good?

4Good is a project of DonateWell and the community for social impact. 4Good exists to empower nonprofits, social enterprises, and community groups by connecting like-minded professionals and community members, and by empowering the sharing of a wealth of resources from which they may benefit.

Who is 4Good for?

4Good is for nonprofit professionals, social entrepreneurs, community leaders, youth leaders, philanthropists, or anyone that cares about social good.

If you want to connect with people who care about your cause, 4Good is where you’ll find them and the work that they've done. Come to 4Good to learn, share, connect, follow, discuss, ask, or just check out the topics you care about. 4Good makes it easy to find and share ready-to-use tools, templates, training content, and more.

Who is behind 4Good?


DonateWell is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 46-0942102) that sponsors a national donor-advised fund​​ (DAF) which partners with creative social enterprises that are exploring new ways to create and inspire new philanthropy. We provide a centralized Charitable Giving Account for our donors to manage their giving, and handle all disbursements to eligible charities. Nonprofits love how DonateWell provides them with tools and data to engage new and existing donors.

Our contributing founders:

Good Done Great acquired IdeaEncore Network, Nonprofit Webinars and Nonprofit Direct during 2011 and 2012 as a Corporate Social Responsibility project. In 2013 David Barach and Earl Bridges of Good Done Great asked @joseph-ridgway to join them in combining the progenitor sites into a new and independent Social Purpose Corporation. Thus 4Good was born. In July, 2014, David and Earl stepped down from 4Good in order to focus exclusively on Good Done Great. In December, 2015, Joe donated 4Good to DonateWell.

David Barach has been working to bring better digital tools to nonprofits since 1999. His passion for effective, meaningful and measurable impact in the social sector is what drives his desire to create empowering digital tools for all that seek to do good.

Earl Bridges has a knack for identifying the right issues, and coming up with creative solutions. When you've been around for long enough, you just kinda know what works and what doesn't. He provides an enthusiastic (some would even say "perky") leadership to the direction of the company.

Joe Ridgway is a social entrepreneur and developer dedicated to providing the platforms, services, and tools that empower others for positive social impact. With over thirteen years of experience developing web applications for nonprofits and communities, he was extremely grateful to be in a position to serve the entire 4Good community.

Scott Bechtler-Levin was Co-Founder and President of IdeaEncore Network from early 2007 until Good Done Great acquired it in July, 2012. He then served as Vice President of Collective Impact during the transition to Good Done Great through March, 2013. During that transition period, he was responsible for strategy, partnership development, product vision, and operations of IdeaEncore Network, Nonprofit Webinars and Nonprofit Direct. Over a 25 year career, he has been a serial social entrepreneur and executive at various venture capital backed startups.

Flo Green was a co-founder of IdeaEncore Network and her great contributions to society live on through the knowledge that continues to be shared and gained on this site. Flo passed away suddenly on May 9, 2012. Her legacy of building nonprofit sector capacity continues through our work and is an inspiration for all of us to always give more. A memorial site has been created by her husband Gary and family.

Chris Dumas, a nonprofit and startup veteran, founded Nonprofit Webinars in 2009 and set out to create an educational resource for nonprofits to have the knowledge and ability to achieve their missions. Chris is passionate about creating new disruptive products that expand the world of giving.

Sam Frank founded and hosts our Wednesday Webinar series and together with Chris made Nonprofit Webinars a powerful free training resource. Sam's Synthesis Partnership advises and writes about nonprofits on strategy, planning, and organizational development and change.

Marcia Bloomberg, founded Nonprofit-Direct to connect nonprofit organizations to the resources, consultants and vendors they need to succeed. She has worked 25 years as a nonprofit professional in New England and Ohio. She's currently retired and enjoying life with her family, including twin grandchildren, in New York.

Our key members:

Cheri Weissman founded and hosts the Tech Tuesday Webinars Series. Cheri's CJW Consulting & Services, Inc. provides software/technology-related training, consulting and other services to nonprofit organizations.

Jamie Maloney was the 4Good community organizer and editor until July, 2014.

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