Board vs Fundraising. It shouldn't be a battle! Kirsten Bullock reveals what's needed to change this dynamic and engage your board in fundraising. Edit Title

If you missed Kirsten Bullock's From Resistant to Resourceful: A Collaborative Approach to Engaging Your Board in Fundraising, make sure to watch the recording!

What was learned?

"The stress about Collaborative Approach; the need for "Knowledge Base" and the 7 Steps (especially with creating a Pitch Kit, using ROI and response rates, and keeping in mind a realistic estimate of the monetary value of volunteer time)."

"Very clear directions for creating a case statement as well as a Board fundraising kit."

"I realized that our Board simply doesn't know how to ask or completely know their role in the fundraising process. Learning that it takes time to turn a non-fundraising board into a fundraising board is helpful as well, as I find myself frustrated at times, feeling like we are the only organization with this issue. It was good to know we aren't alone!"

" information was interesting and helpful reference."


"I'm really interested in that Pitch Kit - I was planning on putting something similar together geared toward our prospective donors, but this is kind of on the other end of that. This will really help our board with the info they need."

And so much more!

Ready for more?

Visit for free resources by Kirsten Bullock!

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