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Our director and host of Nonprofit Webinars, Sam Frank, presented his deep knowledge of Nonprofit Boards & Effective Governance this past Wednesday.

So many excellent questions poured in during this webinar that Sam simply couldn't get to them all. Sorry! If you were one fortunate enough to attend, make sure to visitor his website at www.SynthesisPartnership.com for more resources and information about his services and clients.

If you weren't able to attend Sam's webinar, what are you waiting for? The slides and the recording are available in Nonprofit Boards & Effective Governance.

What did attendees have to say about Sam's webinar?

"Well put together. Presenter was very knowledgeable and stayed on topic."

"Mr. Frank gave an excellent webinar. I hope to find his excellent examples of Individual Service Plan, Self assessment and Policies & Procedures list. Thank you!"

"Liked the insight on a good size for the Board, we recently revised our Bylaws per an attorney's review and made the maximum size smaller, and some Board members thought that we shouldn't restrict the size, "the more the merrier," but today's speaker clearly outlined reasons why a smaller board is more effective. Good points for me to have "in my pocket" for future."

No time for questions? Lets try again!

If you were one that submitted a question that Sam didn't have time to get to, you're in luck. He's running another webinar this upcoming Wednesday—clinic-style! Please see Webinar: Nonprofit Governance Clinic to submit your questions in the comments area at the bottom of the page, and of course make sure to register for the webinar. :)

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