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With these resources shared on 4Good you can empower your board to make effective decisions and guide your nonprofit to success.

For some insights into what prevents a board of directors from meeting their governing responsibilities, read Why Boards Don't Govern from Blue Avocado. You can use Development Consulting Solutions' :robin-cabral/organizational-board-governance-self-assessment-form to tell if your board is governing well and where they can improve.

One of the largest obstacles to effective board governance is that board members don't always know their responsibilities. Make sure your directors know what they will need to do before they join your board with Vantage Point's Board Role Descriptions Toolkit - particularly valuable for Canadian organizations. BoardsThatExcel also offers Board Governance – 6 Keys to Successful Oversight , an overview of the six basic responsibilities of nonprofit boards.

Having an effective training for board members is an important part of ensuring they can govern effectively. The Board Room - Responsibilities, Accountability, & Ethics(5 of 5). Nonprofit board templates, forms and samples , from NEW (Nonprofit Enterprise At Work, Inc.), includes templates and forms you need. The University of San Diego has shared Board Governance Training: Epiphany Prep School of San Diego for an example of how one of your nonprofit peers trains their board on governance duties.

Watch Sam Frank, host of our Wednesday series, in Webinar: Nonprofit Boards & Effective Governance. Sam will share even more strategies for making sure your board is an effective group of effective people.

Share your checklists, guides and training material for better board governance on 4Good.

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