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These tips will help you ensure that your content builds real engagement with your audience.

1. Don't be at all pushy. People don't want to feel that they are reading marketing copy. They want to read something that engages their attention, even just for a few minutes, treats them as an intelligent person, and makes a genuine effort to entertain or inform them.

2. For this reason, very short posts may not work well because it's obvious that they have been put up just to get a job done. Whereas a properly researched and crafted piece that involves the reader and takes them on an interesting journey, repays them for the time they give to it.
Another reason for writing longer pieces is that they allow for the inclusion of real-life examples, stories and other content which is where the engagement takes place. It's very hard, if not impossible, to engage a reader in 200 words. And of course, longer content will help to push your site up the search rankings.

3. Don't write for "everyone". It's very unlikely that everyone in the entire world is who you are really addressing. It's much more likely that you're actually talking to a demographic that is quite narrowly defined – in the most basic terms it may be 90% women or 70% under 40s.
This makes a big difference to the kind of content you produce, its tone and the subjects covered by the content. You want people to feel that you are talking to them personally, not doing the online equivalent of addressing a public meeting.

4. Bear in mind that people are wary and that in particular they don't like click bait. Most people are pretty busy and the idea of clicking through 30 pages in order to get about 40 lines of text irritates them. Whereas you want people to feel that they have had something of value and that they are now in a position to buy. Alternatively the goal may be that the readers’ opinion of the site’s sponsor is enhanced.

5. If the content takes the form of a blog, build your profile as an authoritative source by guest blogging on sites that your readers like or think are important. Make sure that your guest blog includes a link back to your site so that people who like what you've written can track you back to your site and read more.
However it's essential that your own blogging is regular so that when readers arrive on your page it looks professional and committed. Very sporadic blogging just looks like you can't be bothered. And by sporadic, users mean monthly – they're expecting daily blogs or they'll forget who you are.

6. Have a plan and a strategy for your content. The strategy should cover where you're intending to go over the next 12 months and how your content is going to contribute to the goals you have set. At strategic level, you should be able to define what other platforms – such as social media – you intend to link to and what form the links will take.
The plan should take this down to the next level of detail, setting out what your content will be about, who it is intended for, who will write it, what metrics you will use to see whether it is having an effect and so on. Include your content promotion plans here.

7. Use a mix of content types. Anchor pieces can be incredibly useful because they will drive content to the site month in month out. So for example, say you want to explain your fantastic new glue to designers, your anchor piece might explain the great new developments in glue that are now available and the fantastic range of applications that glue is being used for in design studios.
The piece will not go out of date for some time and designers who want to know if there is a glue that will do the job they want done, will continue to visit the site. And meanwhile you can add more topical pieces for extra interest.

Good content will make selling ten times easier.

Alana Downer is the Content Manager at Learn to Trade - a leading currency trading education company based in Australia.

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