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The Nonprofit Sector and Government: Clarifying the Relationship

This paper from the Nonprofit Sector Strategy Group describes the basic contours of government-nonprofit relations in the United States with an eye toward identifying some of the underlying principles that might usefully guide such relationships in the years ahead, with particular focus on... (continued)

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Exploration - Management by Assessment Checklists in 7 Key nonprofit Management Areas.

Benchmark nonprofit management in 7 key areas: Board of Directors, Resource Development, Human Resources, Programs & Services, Messages & Marketing, Fiscal Management and Organizational Dynamics. Each module contails detailed checklists and analyses and a plan to improve operations.... (continued)


Taggednonprofit managementmanagement toolsmanagementexecutiveedbenchmarking

FIO Partners Assessment Tool: Strategic Growth Guide

Strategic Growth: A Guide for Nonprofit Organizations is a standardized assessment tool that benchmarks where each management system in an organization is relative to the developmental cycle of a nonprofit organization. Executive Leaders, along with other staff and/or Board members, can use this guide to determine... (continued)

Taggedcapacity buildingassessmentmanagement systemsorganizational capacityexecutiveconsulting

A FIO PARTNERS PERSPECTIVE: Our Model of Strategic Management for Nonprofit Organizations

This article describes FIO Partners model of strategic management that defines the four key management tasks as: (1)consensus on vision, mission, values and agreement on strategic management tasks; (2)designing or redesigning the organization’s core; (3)safeguarding and... (continued)

Taggedstrategic managementadministrativeconsultantmanagementoperations / infrastructureexecutiveedconsulting

A FIO PARTNERS PERSPECTIVE: Client Centered Models: Implications for Management

This article discusses how the involvement of consumers in all aspects of service delivery and service design and the creation of systems of care are among the most promising contributions to service effectiveness of our generation – and what the implies for the management of health and... (continued)

Taggednonprofitsconsumersservice deliverysystems of carehealth and human servicesadministrativeconsultantmanagementorganizational developmentprogram

Checklist for Effective Disaster Response

Make better, quicker disaster related giving decisions about:

  • When to give
  • What to give
  • How to give
  • Who to give with
  • Who to give to Benefits:
  • Do more good and no harm
  • Prevent donor burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Promote self-sufficiency and sustainability
  • Reduce misuse and loss of donated... (continued)

Taggedemergency field operationsdisaster logisticsdisaster responsedisaster philanthropyforeign aidraqim foundationphilanthropynowfaruq achikzadfundraising / fund developmentprinciples

Strategies for Managers Working within Founder's Syndrome Organizations (PDF)

Strategies for Managers Working within Founder's Syndrome Organizations (PDF) - This paper explores actions middle managers can take at social purpose organizations to address organizational challenges in founder-led organizations. Written by Jessica Shortall, Managing... (continued)

Taggedsocial purpose organizationsorganizational challengesfundraising / fund developmentcorporateprogramproject managementfounder's syndrome organizations

Fiscal Sponsorship: Six Ways To Do It Right

A synopsis of the book of the same name that describes six different models by which a public charity, tax- exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, can conduct a program of support to individuals and to nonexempt organizations that is legal and proper.

Taggedmanagement & technical assistancelegalfiscal agent / sponsorshipexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingadministrativefiscal sponsorshipexempt statusincorporation

Sound Advice for Functions and Events

This booklet contains tips on hosting accident-free fundraisers and special events. Includes information on the appropriate use of additional insureds, insurance certificates, waivers, and hold harmless agreements. (19 pgs)

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

The Sharing Entity offering such Paid Content hereby grants You a nonexclusive, personal,... (continued)

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Directors & Officers: Key Facts About Insurance and Legal Liability

This booklet summarizes the responsibilities of board members, reviews California and federal law affecting nonprofit directors and officers, provides case studies of lawsuits against directors and officers, and lists key coverages to look for in insurance policies. Includes useful tips to help board... (continued)

Taggedrisk managementmanagementexecutived&o insurance; board of directors; liability insurancecoo

Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Connecticut

Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Connecticut is based on the fundamental values of quality, responsibility and accountability. The six characteristic accountability principles distinguish the nonprofit sector from government and the business sector. The recommended practices... (continued)

Taggedstrategic planningbest practicesstarting a nonprofitexecutiveedplanningorganizational development planning