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Trees Foundation Fiscal Sponsorship Program

Trees assists groups in identifying and capitalizing on funding resources and maintaining organizational stability including Fiscal sponsorship for groups without their own non-profit status. As Trees moves beyond its tenth year of service, the number of Trees Foundation Partner groups has grown to 32, in locations... (continued)

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Community Partners Fiscal Sponsorship Program

Community Partners acts as a catalyst for community change, civic action and readiness by offering critical support for those with innovative ideas for building communities. Community Partners offers an incubator that helps fledgling charitable initiatives start, grow, and achieve important community gains without... (continued)

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Fiscal Sponsorship Publications

In order to improve the practice of fiscal sponsorship, Tides Center sought to develop a deeper understanding of current models and practices from around the country. This page provides publications and survey results.

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Foundation Center's Guide to Fiscal Sponsorship

Since most foundation funding is awarded to nonprofits rather than to individuals, affiliating yourself with an organization or obtaining a fiscal sponsor can increase your likelihood of receiving funding. Most such affiliations with fiscal sponsors are rather formal, based on a written contract that spells out... (continued)

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The National Network of Fiscal Sponsors

The National Network of Fiscal Sponsors is dedicated to improving the practices, capabilities, and awareness of fiscal sponsorship in the nonprofit sector through education and advocacy.

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Profits for Nonprofits: Earning Your Own Way

"Profit" need not be a dirty word at a nonprofit organization. In a discussion lead by HBS professor James E. Austin, three experienced managers discuss the advantages and pitfalls of building a for-profits unit within a nonprofit.

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Presentation on Fiscal Sponsorship

Presentation delivered by Gregory L. Colvin, Esq. of Silk, Adler & Colvin on Fiscal Sponsorship to the Western Conference on Tax Exempt Organizations on November 17, 2006

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A White Paper: On Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship

The purpose of this paper is to provide readers with an understanding of the emerging field of Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship. It is intended for use by individuals and groups considering utilizing a fiscal sponsor, by organizations considering offering fiscal sponsorship services, and by nonprofit, foundation and legal... (continued)

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Fiscal Sponsor Directory is a tool created by the San Francisco Study Center to help connect community projects with fiscal sponsors; it is also a forum for fostering understanding of that relationship and its impact on the nonprofit sector

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