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Social networking is the primary focus these days for digital media marketing plans. There are many new trends and exciting opportunities for increasing customer reach and ultimately more sales. Targeting social media is all the rage in advertising and public relations campaigns. Savvy entrepreneurs know that people are addicted to their mobile devices, the internet, and related technology.
Communication through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. usually occurs multiple times a day. It is often more for the Internet. It is no surprise that companies using digital media marketing have delved into extensive research regarding user’s profiles, habits, tastes, and navigation preferences. Finding the right outlet for one’s brand takes a careful analysis of data. It takes an understanding of technological advancements and the important role of social influence in generating sales. The old study of demographics and geographic factors has been replaced by new social measurements.

Pinterest and Instagram
For example, Pinterest is a relatively new phenomenon for referring business. Using a clever system of pinboards and “pins,” users can share links to sites they like on the Internet. Videos and images are included, perhaps putting Pinterest in competition with the popular Instagram system for routing personal photos. Both are on the upswing, garnering significant scrutiny by digital media marketers.

Facebook and Twitter
Mobile social media have already been in wide use for commenting on and sharing information on favored products and services. Mobile devices -- Smartphones and tablets – have come into play in the world of marketing alongside the customary social media, of which Facebook is a notable example. It is the bright star in the media galaxy not to be outdone by the ever-present Twitter. Both are excellent methods for communicating both personal and business information instantaneously and effectively.

New Trends
Other trends in the spotlight include novel ways of adapting video, TV, YouTube, and the new multi-screen and multi-channel formats (using a tablet, smartphone, or laptop simultaneously). The shift away from free website access to pay-per-view and subscription-based models will also likely affect the future of digital advertising companies as it will help to innovative web design. The digital media world is exploding at the seams. New tools and applications like Google+ are arising constantly to help companies tell their story in fresh and creative ways. These digital assets are the foundation of any strong marketing plan and the key to its successful implementation.

Maximizing Marketing Dollars
Maximizing ones return on marketing dollars means using cutting-edge strategies that stand out and dominate in this crowded digital advertising arena. It entails an integrated multi-level approach. Whatever combination of digital media is selected in a company’s marketing program, the point is to stay connected with people and with the trends. Media planners need to understand how each format impacts their brand and captures potential customers. They need to take action to enrich their content and maximize viewer frequency. They need to incorporate digital media into their marketing goals for today and for tomorrow.

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