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Home guarantees or warranties are a relatively modern phenomenon in home development. In fact, NHBC, which is UK’s largest and prime new-home warranty provider began operating 70 years ago and continues to provide homeowners the security they need both as homeowners and home investors.

Oakmere home advisors holds the highest A1-rating given out by NHBC, thus, qualifying Oakmere among the most trusted and dependable developers in the UK. To be with the best, you will have to be one of the best in the industry, a status proven from many years of serving countless satisfied homeowners already.

Exactly how does the 10-year warranty work for the buyer? Here are the ways:

1) The warranty cover protects the homeowner. Much like an insurance policy, the coverage secures the owner’s peace of mind with regard to the condition and function of their home.

2) The Buildmark cover under NHBC, likewise, provides coverage against specific defects or damages that arise within the first ten years, giving the homeowner no worries with regard to possible issues or problems often encountered in buying second-hand homes.

3) Before issuing the warranty, NHBC’s expert conducts a quality-control evaluation during vital stages of each home-construction process to ascertain that Oakmere observes minimum required standards. To make it even doubly advantageous for the homeowner, Oakmere builds above the required minimum in order to eliminate occurrences of defects or damages. Errors or neglect in building homes often occur even among some of the best in the industry. Oakmere home advisors reduces that possibility to almost nil by surpassing standards as much as they can.

4) The NHBC warranty is recognised and trusted all over the UK.

5) The NHBC cover is likewise trusted by lenders. When there is a need to mortgage the home, the cover comes in handy, benefiting the homeowner in their financial situations in the future.

6) NHB also provides a resolution service in case the homeowner is not satisfied with Oakmere’s workmanship.

7) No additional cost is required for this cover. What more could anyone ask for? You get a cover you did not ask for and did not pay for.

For Oakmere to go out of its way to provide this benefit, aside from the major satisfaction of already owning a home, they must be certainly at the top of their game. Everyone wants to deal with a winner, every time.

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