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Volunteers Mentoring Youth: Implications for Closing the Mentoring Gap

CNCS researchers examined whether demographic, socioeconomic, or other observable factors could be used to distinguish between volunteers who mentor and the general population of volunteers who do not mentor, as well as to determine which of the above factors are most influential in predicting... (continued)

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Volunteer Management in Religious Organizations

Since religious organizations play a key role in producing Americans' volunteer experiences, this brief explores the volunteer management capacity of congregations and charities with a religious mission.


Taggedvolunteer managementvolunteer engagement & managementvolunteertanoprogrammanagement

Voluntary Associations in Low-Income Neighborhoods: An Unexplored Community Resource

This report summarizes a recent exploration of the nature and extent of the associational life of the Grand Boulevard community on Chicago's South Side. In addition, the project surveyed a representative sample of those citizens' associations' leaders concerning their current... (continued)

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State Liability Laws for Charitable Organizations and Volunteers

This publication summarizes the state volunteer protection laws. There continue to be a wide range of exceptions to the protections afforded under these laws, as well as other differences reflecting the preferences or specific concerns of the state legislatures.


Taggedcommunity improvement & capacity buildingmanagement & technical assistancevolunteerprogramvolunteer managementexecutivetanovolunteer engagement & management

Recruitment Diversity: Identifying and Developing an Applicant Pool

This research focuses primarily on the recruitment within the state of Florida
assessing demographics of AmeriCorps members, current trends, strategies and reasons or motivations that may attract AmeriCorps participants. The study further reviews recruitment efforts where they were most... (continued)

Taggedexecutivetanovolunteer engagement & managementcommunity improvement & capacity buildingmanagement & technical assistancevolunteerrecruitmentprogramvolunteer management

Keeping Baby Boomers Volunteering: A Research Brief on Volunteer Retention and Turnover

This report analyzes data from U.S. Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2002-2006, tracing the volunteer habits of the same sample of Baby Boomers over two consecutive years, as well as a similar sample of pre-Boomers.


Taggedcommunity improvement & capacity buildingmanagement & technical assistancevolunteerretentionprogramvolunteer managementexecutivetanovolunteer engagement & management

The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research

Over the past two decades we have seen a growing body of research that indicates volunteering provides individual health benefits in addition to social benefits. This research has established a strong relationship between volunteering and health: those who volunteer have lower mortality rates,... (continued)

Taggedcommunity improvement & capacity buildingmanagement & technical assistancevolunteerexecutivetanovolunteer engagement & management

Balancing Act: The Challenges and Benefits of Volunteers

This report is the fourth in a series of briefs reporting on findings from a 2003 survey of volunteer management capacity among charities and congregations. The focus of this brief is the creation and use of a single measure of volunteer benefits and management challenges, a score we refer to as “net benefits.”


Taggedmanagementvolunteerprogramvolunteer managementtanovolunteer engagement & management

Strategic Planning: Positioning Identity, Values, and Aspirations

This paper is based on detailed case studies of four nonprofit organizations in the Pittsburgh region: The Andy Warhol Museum, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Gateway Rehabilitation Center, and Glade Run Lutheran Services and interviews with senior nonprofit managers for their perspectives on strategic planning and implementation..


Taggedexecutiveplanningtanostrategic thinking & planningcommunity improvement & capacity buildingmanagement & technical assistance

Eyes Wide Open Deciding When to Launch a Community Initiative

This paper presents a helpful guideline for community foundations to use in the important due diligence that should come before giving any initiative the green light. This report reflects the experiences of the seven California community foundations participating in the James Irvine Foundation's... (continued)

Taggedcommunity improvement & capacity buildingmanagement & technical assistanceexecutiveplanningtanostrategic thinking & planning

Discovering Community Power: A Guide to Mobilizing Local Assets and Your Organization’s Capacity

This guide will help any organization strengthen itself by enhancing connections with the community’s assets, strengthen the community by investing in the community’s assets, and strengthen current and future community-based projects, activities and proposals.


Taggedcommunity improvement & capacity buildingmanagement & technical assistanceexecutiveplanningtanostrategic thinking & planning

Being “Business-Like” in a Nonprofit Organization: A Grounded and Inductive Typology

. Based on an in-depth qualitative case study of a single, Canadian, nonprofit human services organization, this article proposes that being business-like in a nonprofit setting can be understood in at least four distinct categories: as goals of programs, as organization of either... (continued)

Taggedcommunity improvement & capacity buildingmanagement & technical assistanceexecutiveplanningtanostrategic thinking & planning

Basic Infrastructure Checklist

The following list outlines the foundation for registered nonprofit organizations conducting business in the state of Michigan – the basic documentation, systems and support mechanisms that will enhance accountability, sustainability and effectiveness. This tool is focused on the infrastructure you should have in place.


Taggedexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingtanostrategic thinking & planningplanningmanagement & technical assistance

Thinking of Forming a Non-Profit? What to Consider Before You Begin

This publication acts as a tool to explain the basics of what a non-profit is and portray a realistic picture of what is involved in getting a new non-profit up and running. The booklet also provides information specific to faith based and religious institutions, discusses the changing face of... (continued)

Taggedtanostarting a nonprofit 501(c)(3) in texasstart a nonprofitmanagement & technical assistanceexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingabout nonprofits

Starting a 501(c)(3) in Texas - Mind Map

Mind map of the process of becoming a Texas Nonprofit corporation and obtaining IRS Section 501 (c)(3) tax exempt determination

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

The Sharing Entity offering such Paid Content hereby grants You a nonexclusive, personal, noncommercial, non-sublicenseable, non-transferable, limited right and license to view, use,... (continued)

Taggedcommunity improvement & capacity buildingmanagement & technical assistanceabout nonprofitsexecutivestart a nonprofittanostarting a nonprofit 501(c)(3) in texas

Social Entrepreneurship: The Double Bottom Line

This Digest is a first step toward finding new skills and new resources for financially stability in nonprofits by describing social entrepreneurship and provides examples of endeavors undertaken by almost a dozen nonprofits in the Chicago Metro area.


Taggedcommunity improvement & capacity buildingmanagement & technical assistanceearned incomesocial entrepreneurexecutivetanosocial entrepreneurship

Legal Risk Management Checklist for Charities

This checklist provides a brief outline of some of the more important issues that directors and/or executive staff of a charity, whether incorporated or not, may want to consider in ensuring due diligence in the operation of the charity, as well as an overview of liability exposure faced by charities in Canada and... (continued)

Taggedcommunity improvement & capacity buildingmanagement & technical assistancefinancial managementexecutivetanorisk management

Providing Long-Term Services after Major Disasters

Nonprofit organizations are a crucial link in our nation’s emergency preparedness and disaster response efforts, but their role is not always well integrated into disaster planning. This brief highlights the lessons learned from the Urban Institute’s assessment of the American Red Cross September 11th Recovery Program.


Taggedcommunity improvement & capacity buildingmanagement & technical assistanceprogram managementprogramexecutivetanoprogram development

Using Outcome Information: Making Data Pay Off

This guide offers practical advice to help other nonprofits take full advantage of outcome data, identifying a variety of ways to use the data and describing specific methods for pursuing each use. It is a valuable tool for ensuring that outcome measurement fulfills the promise of helping organizations increase their effectiveness and... (continued)

Taggedmanagement & technical assistanceexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingtanooutcomes measurementoutcome & performance measurement

Making Use of Outcome Information for Improving Services: Recommendations for Nonprofit Organizations

The report identifies 18 factors that affect NPOs' use of outcome information. Chief among these was availability of staff time, funds and expertise. Staff availability to collect and analyze data and limited computer technology was a recurring concern for the NPOs. The report provides recommendations to... (continued)

Taggedtanooutcomes measurementoutcome & performance measurementmanagement & technical assistanceexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity building

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