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Working the Middle: Roles and Challenges of Intermediaries

Intermediaries are becoming increasingly important in social change and community development fields. "This tool outlines the useful roles that go-betweens can play, offers guidance on the capacities they need to play those roles more effectively, and illustrates the process of figuring out whether and... (continued)

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Lessons from the Street: Capacity Building and Replication

This report is based on street level experience by the Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation from 1990 to 2000. During that time, the Foundation sought to enhance the capacity of, or host replications in, eighty-one nonprofit organizations.

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Building Capacity in Nonprofit Organizations

So far, however, the rhetoric is ahead of the work. In this report, we try to advance capacity building work by defining capacity building as the ability of nonprofit organizations to fulfill their missions in an effective manner, and by examining capacity building as it relates to the overall quality of life in the... (continued)

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Results of an Inquiry into Capacity Building Programs for Nonprofit Programs

This paper summarizes what the Effective Communities Project has learned about the effectiveness of foundation efforts to build capacity in nonprofits, expressed as lessons learned. The organization has drawn on our thirty years of experience, recent literature, and conversations with a... (continued)

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Capacity Building for Smaller Foundations: Making an Investment in Ourselves

For the past two decades American foundations have invested heavily in capacity building as a means to creating a more organized field of practice and infrastructure. This paper discusses how smaller foundations can leverage their financial and human capital to increase access to... (continued)

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Effective Capacity Building in Nonprofit Organizations

Report brings some common language to the discussion of capacity building and offers examples of how nonprofits have pursued building up their organizational muscle. Contributes to the growing national conversation about how to help nonprofits become more sustainable and better able to serve communities. Includes... (continued)

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Building the Capacity of Capacity Builders

This is the full report of a study of management support and field-building organizations in the nonprofit sector written by Paul Connolly and Peter York. Supported by funding from The David and Lucile Packard Foundation with additional assistance by The Alliance for Nonprofit Management and Grantmakers for Effective... (continued)

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Evaluating Capacity-building Efforts for Nonprofit Organizations

This paper explains how funders, management support organizations, evaluators, and nonprofits can evaluate efforts to enhance the management and governance of nonprofit organizations.

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