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Preparing for the Next Emergency: Some Lessons for Charities from September 11

The Urban Institute and Harvard University's Hauser Center decided to bring together active participants in September 11 relief, representatives of the charitable sector, and researchers. Most participants felt that important lessons were learned on how to raise, manage, and disburse... (continued)

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Open and Operating? An Assessment of Louisiana Nonprofit Health and Human Services after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

The devastating hurricanes of 2005 demonstrated how essential nonprofit organizations are to communities. Nonprofits provided vital services in the weeks and months after the storms while struggling to repair their own hurricane damage. The survey... (continued)

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Federalism after Hurricane Katrina: How Can Social Programs Respond to a Major Disaster?

This paper summarizes key findings from four key programs' responses to Hurricane Katrina. It then describes the central features of program structures prior to the disaster, identifies particular challenges Katrina posed to these programs, explores the key policy responses to the crisis within each program, and offers... (continued)

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Disaster Planning, Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity

This document explains the points an organization needs to think about in order to prepare its own disaster recovery plan so that, should an interruption occur, it is able to resume operations

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