Diversity Awareness for Effective Nonprofits Edit Title

Wed, May 28, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT Edit Date

Today's workforce and organizations are increasingly diverse. Effective non-profits need to be capable of welcoming, including, utilizing and working with diverse people, perspectives, styles, and experiences for overall success and capacity.

This presentation offers practical tools and concepts designed to resolve tensions, utilize strengths, support collaboration, and create more welcoming environments.


  • A goal of diversity: community that works together to create a better world and community where everyone is more or less comfortable
  • A multi-dimensional model of diversity for all of us
  • A diversity survey that can help give your group a better sense of its own diversity issues and potential goals
  • How role awareness helps integrate diverse people, views, styles, experiences and “others”
  • How role switching enhances understanding, relationships, and reduces polarized conflicts and styles
  • How rank awareness helps individuals and groups realize the impact of rank on relationships and communication, for better and worse

Bill Say , M.A. has over twenty years experience with diversity awareness training, community capacity building, group facilitation, and mental health counseling and training. His organizational consulting experience is with health, mental health, and educational organizations in the US and abroad including with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, UN refugee health organizations in the Middle East (UNRWA), Independent Thought and Social Action in India, New Energy in China, and the Highlander Research and Education Center in TN. Bill is the founder of Process Work Consulting.

Process Work Consulting: utilizes the Process Work approach to organizational development and change management founded by Arnold Mindell. We work with organizations and community groups seeking assistance at the intersection of diversity awareness, conflict resolution and leadership/team/community development. We offer trainings, facilitation and consultation. www.billsay.com

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