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State-of-the-art developments and improved business value await the modern society because of Apple/SAP partnership. Combining Apple's renowned user experience with SAP's unparalleled end-to-end business process and software will surely create surprising transformations in the modern society.

This partnership will also lead companies and developers in making a great difference in the digital world, as well as giving new opportunities and changing the mobile work experience for customers. It can also produce great business applications and open potential for their customers.

In order for customers to fully leverage the data in their SAP enterprise systems and change how they run their business anywhere, SAP is developing plenty of new and native iOS industry apps for the business processes.

What kind of capability that drives a digital enterprise? The answer could be the ability to obtain mission-critical information, reports, and data each time you need it without being bound to your desktop.

SAP is targeting industries that have a high demand for consumer applications as they build out those applications. The firm also provides their community of developers with next generation tools and training in order to build, extend, and run a new class of native iOS apps powered by HANA Cloud Platform or HCP. Developers can get access to the power of HANA in the cloud.

Changing an existing SAP application (or mobile SAP app) is possible with HCP even though you're not a developer wherein you also don't need months of customizations with many consultants. HCP is the fastest path to the best app, and Apple and SAP's partnership made this path even better.

Years of building a SAP app will be changed because companies and developers can now quickly develop their own native apps for iPhone and iPad through SAP HCP SDK for iOS and training for developers to native iOS apps powered by HCP while taking advantage of all the innovative iOS technologies.

SAP along with Apple provide developers with a SAP Fiori for iOS design language based on SAP Fiori UX adapted for iOS, including reusable design components and building blocks to improve the development of reliable and wonderful UI design across applications and over the lifecycle of every application. This is to make sure that app adoption and user experience will be smooth and easy to use.

SAP and Apple will together build a SAP Academy for iOS to complement the SDK as well as curate and educate their combined ecosystem that could connect an incredible number of developers, customers, SI partners and ISV partners. It would also be greatly beneficial for both SAP and Apple to impart the knowledge of technical expertise and design skills for native iOS app development.

Real work in real time is also attainable with this partnership. It will be easier to use and leverage your organization's most important data on their iPhone and iPad devices. SAP provides an enterprise computing platform through HANA that allows customers to constantly access their data and get significant information every day.
The partnership between Apple and SAP aims to create applications that can be vital for their customers, which allows newer and faster methods in performing a task, accessing data and doing their job. Having the ability to access real-time data accurately is really a game changer. Mobile apps on iOS will make digital transformation even more prevalent across various enterprises.

Innovative transformation could really happen and life will become easier with the combination of SAP's insightful data management and Apple's great user experience. Pro Axia Consultants is looking forward to this partnership because the firm strongly believes that it could bring endless possibilities and benefits to the modern world.

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