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Cheri J. Weissman

Cheri has been working for and with nonprofits since 1984.

After several years as a fundraiser at a Chicago nonprofit, Cheri moved on to become an account manager for a national software company, where she developed and delivered software training programs, performed various data-related services, organized and hosted users groups, provided on- and off-site... (continued)

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Who Wants a Wiki?

Wikis can add a lot to an organization's productivity. They are designed to be shared resources so that staff members can collegially work on documents such as grant proposals, newsletters, reports, etc. It's an option that should be considered, particularly if your work involves people from different locations.

The Sharing Entity offering such... (continued)


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Staffing Software-Related Positions

Hiring the person who will be responsible for your data can be a challenge. Some of the best people in these positions possess skills and characteristics that you might not have thought were appropriate for a data management position.

The Sharing Entity offering such Paid Content hereby grants You a nonexclusive, personal,... (continued)


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Preparing Internal Documentation

Every Development office should have a document that can be handed to any new hire along with the words, "Here -- this is how we do things here."

Internal documentation is a "must" that most people seem to feel is a "must to avoid". Yes, this type of document requires a great deal of time to create, but it can be invaluable to... (continued)



The Networked Nonprofit: Connecting with Social Media to Drive Change

This groundbreaking book shows nonprofits a new way of operating in our increasingly connected world: a networked approach enabled by social technologies, where connections are leveraged to increase impact in effective ways that drive change for the betterment of our society and... (continued)

Taggedtechnologysocial mediamarketing / branding

The True Costs of Free and Low-Cost Software

Acquiring software for very little money — or even getting it for free! — can feel great. Yet is that bargain really a bargain? Learn how to assess whether that affordable software package is a great deal or a lemon.


Taggedcommunity improvement & capacity buildingmanagement & technical assistanceadministrativesoftwaretechnologynptechcrm

Creative ways to Grow Your Mailing List With No Money!

Follow the link below for the full article! Summary: Highlighting creative ideas for growing your mailing list with no money using social media, events and your website.


Taggednonprofitmailing listfundraisingcommunicationcapture emailbuild mailing list

Training Needs Analysis Table

This document can serve as a guide when conducting a Training Needs Analysis. There are 4 main quadrants within the table. Content gathering in the form of questionnaires and interviews are conducted to produce the end result reports. These reports provide an in-depth look at the needs of the organization as it relates to a software... (continued)

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Networking for Job Seekers - A Useful Step by Step Guide

This is a 5 page summary of everything I learned in a year of networking. No one taught me this; I learned how to network from personal experience. This how-to guide will walk you through how to start networking, polish your skills if you're already good at it, and get more interviews with fewer... (continued)

Taggedapplicationsrecruitingnetworkingjob huntingtalentkatharine biercehuman resources / personnelbig brothers & big sistershrjob

DIY Nonprofit Marketing Resources

We find exhaustive lists, well, exhausting. Since we want to avoid exhaustion, this section is designed as a “Best Of” rather than a “here’s everything.” We only add resources that we feel are the very best around. If we can’t say with confidence that it’ll bring clarity and focus to the work of our fellow nonprofit marketers, it doesn’t... (continued)

Taggedmarketing plansmarketing / brandingconsultingnonprofit marketingnonprofit marketing plantemplatesnonprofit resources

Using Outcome Information: Making Data Pay Off

This guide offers practical advice to help other nonprofits take full advantage of outcome data, identifying a variety of ways to use the data and describing specific methods for pursuing each use. It is a valuable tool for ensuring that outcome measurement fulfills the promise of helping organizations increase their effectiveness and... (continued)

Taggedmanagement & technical assistanceexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity buildingtanooutcomes measurementoutcome & performance measurement

Key Steps in Outcome Management

This guidebook is the first in a series of guidebooks from the Urban Institute. It covers the necessary steps for nonprofit organizations that wish to implement outcome management (also known as "managing for results"), and includes guidance on establishing an outcome-oriented measurement process and practices for using the information internally.


Taggedtanooutcomes measurementoutcome & performance measurementmanagement & technical assistanceexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity building

Analyzing Outcome Information: Getting the Most from Data

This guide describes steps that nonprofit organizations can take in performing the analysis of raw data that nonprofit organizations obtain from their outcome monitoring procedures. This guide offers suggestions to nonprofits for analyzing regularly collected outcome data and focuses on those basic analysis activities that nearly... (continued)

Taggedtanoperformance & outcome measurementoutcomes measurementmanagement & technical assistanceexecutivecommunity improvement & capacity building

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