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Keys to Financial Oversight (Board Transformation Toolkit)

This general overview of financial best practices is a resource for beginning board members. The content in the handouts can also serve as a model or guide for creating written policies and expectations. The Toolkit is designed to be used by board members, with board members. Read the Facilitator's Guide to... (continued)

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10 Minute Board Exercise - Intro to Social Enterprise

This is the first exercise in a series that will introduce your team to the concepts of social enterprise (earned income) and show you the steps required to become a successful entrepreneurial organization. Visit the Center for Nonprofit Stewardship for more on this topic:... (continued)

Taggedtrustee / director / board membersocial entrepreneursocial enterprisemanagement & technical assistancefinanceexecutiveearned income strategiesearned incomecommunity improvement & capacity buildingboard of directors

10 Minute Board Exercise - Emergency Succession Planning

The purpose of this 10 minute exercise is to raise your board's awareness of the need to prepare for a sudden departure or unavailability of a key leader. It should also give you a good start in identifying your current leader's abilities that are critical to the operation of your... (continued)

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10 Minute Board Exercise - Intro to Risk Management

Take 10 minutes at your next board meeting and ask each board member to complete this exercise. You should begin to see where your organization's vulnerable points are. Visit the Center for Nonprofit Stewardship to continue exploring this topic:... (continued)

Taggedtrustee / director / board memberrisk managementmanagementexecutiveboard responsibilitiesboard of directorsboard engagement

Financial Scorecard / Dashboard for Non-profit Senior Management

I created this Financial Dashboard / Scorecard as the primary Financial Control tool for the CEO, COO and I (CFO) to manage LifePoint Solutions (a non-profit Agency providing Mental Health Services). I found our agency lacking financial management and control tools. It tracks all the key metrics... (continued)

Taggedfinancialbudgetnonprofit dashboardscorecardfinancial reporting / statementsfinancial managementfinancedashboard

Center for Nonprofit Stewardship

The Center for Nonprofit Stewardship is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that educates and empowers nonprofit board members in sound financial, administrative and organizational stewardship. Build a strong, smart, engaged board.

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