What to Do When Crisis Threatens - How to Turn YOUR Organization Around Edit Title

Wed, Apr 02, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT Edit Date

This webinar will focus on using tested and proven human and technological tools, available to everyone, to meet agency life-threatening challenges from funders, media, and lawyers to renew the agency, safeguard funding, reinvigorate staff, and improve governance using lessons from three New England examples of successful interventions in major social sector organizations threatened with dissolution.


  • What should be your first reaction as Board or staff when you open the newspaper and see your organization on the front page, and NOT with complements?
  • What does a Corrective Action Plan look like?
  • What's the proper role of the Board in a crisis?
  • Why are core values important in a crisis and how do you re-discover them?
  • Why is governance so important during these times?
  • What do you say to important funders?
  • How do you deal with low staff morale?
  • What does a mood of positive expectation for the future look like and how is it created?
  • What to do when the crisis ends.

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