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Connecticut Association of Nonprofits

Connecticut Association of Nonprofits (CT Nonprofits) is the largest membership organization in the state dedicated exclusively to nonprofits in Connecticut. We are a collaborative of over 525 organizations, supporting our members' needs so they may serve their communities to achieve their missions.

The mission of CT Nonprofits is to... (continued)


The Learning Institute for Nonprofit Organizations US

The Learning Institute for Nonprofit Organizations was founded in 1996 as a program of the Society for Nonprofit Organizations. The goal of the Learning Institute is to provide affordable, accessible educational programs for all involved in the nonprofit sector. We started with satellite delivery, moved to video cassette,... (continued)


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Center for Nonprofit Excellence Louisville, Kentucky

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNPE) is a nonprofit support management organization located in Louisville, Kentucky. Our mission is to be a resource for the success of the nonprofit sector in the Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana metro area. We are a membership organization with nearly 400 members in the Kentukiana... (continued)