A Donor is a Terrible Thing to Lose: Secrets to Getting More and Bigger Gifts Edit Title

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This Webinar is all about how strategic donor-centered stewardship will improve your donor retention. This is big! If you can retain just 10% more of your supporters you can increase their lifetime value by 200%.

Are you even measuring donor retention, or just dollars raised? The problem with the latter is that it can mask trends that could destroy your organization’s ability to sustain itself over time. One time major donors can zoom in and plug holes, but not forever. You need a solid, loyal base of supporters who stick with you through thick and thin.

And here’s the good news: You’re in charge! You just need to learn how to keep your donors happy.

Hopping onto the expensive donor acquisition treadmill is a thankless pursuit. You’ll bring in new one-time transactions. But you’ll lose them again just as fast. So you’ll keep running and running on that treadmill, getting nowhere, until you actually start sliding back.

Want to change this scenario? Want to get off the treadmill and march forward with confidence? You can, and you will. Get started with this webinar!

Learn how:

  • To stop the leaky bucket
  • To make stewardship about relationships, not checklists
  • To steward from your donor’s perspective
  • To powerfully demonstrate to donors the impact of their gifts
  • To treat every donor like a major donor; make them feel like heroes
  • To set up your next gift strategy
  • To develop a gratitude culture
  • 10 Key Ways to Love Your Donor

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