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Why you should get this Guide

This is a simple, step-by-step guide to crafting a killer appeal letter. Writing a compelling fundraising letter can be tricky. It’s not the same kind of writing as a brochure, annual report or grant proposal. But it’s not rocket science – it’s something you can easily learn. It’s just not something most of us are taught.

How much more money could you raise with your appeal letter if it spoke straight to the heart – and to your donor’s passions?

In this easy-to-follow guide you’ll learn the art of taking your appeal from run of the mill to… out of the ballpark. From anesthetizing to… astounding. From colorless to… captivating.

“I get so many appeals and, frankly, they all look the same.”

“I hate it when I get a solicitation letter and I can’t figure out what they’re going to spend the money on. It just looks like they want money!”

Is this what your prospective donors are saying?

Does your Call to Action lack clarity? Are you telling a compelling story showing a prospective donor how their gift will have direct, immediate impact? If you’re ignoring any of the elements that go into making your appeal effective you’re ignoring your organization’s future.

If you have trouble starting to write… if you don’t know how many times to ask… if you’re unsure how long or short your letter should be… if you just know your appeal could use a shot in the arm… this is the Guide for you.

What’s inside?

• A Baker’s Dozen of Essential Appeal Letter Elements
• Anatomy of an Appeal Letter: The Bone Structure
• How to Write to Engage Hearts
• How to Write like you Talk
• Sample Template
• RESOURCE GUIDE with links to two full pages full of additional articles, books and video
• Special BONUS: 15-minute complimentary phone consultation – just for getting the Guide!

This is a simple. Simple, yet powerful. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll raise more money. This stuff works. That’s it!

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