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If you’re like most nonprofits, your donor bucket is leaking like a sieve.

  • After the first gift, your bucket of first-time donors will be only about a quarter full.
  • Median retention for all donors is just 43%.
  • For multi-year donors it will be just a little over half full. *The likelihood a donor will make five consecutive gifts is only 10 – 15%!


You need to know how to plug the holes in your bucket. To connect with your donors regularly — using a system of planned cultivation “touches” that deepen your donor’s loyalty. This practical Solution Kit walks you step-by-step through creation of an intentional system of timely response that will maximize the lifetime value of your supporters. You’ll raise more money from the donors you already know.

If you can plug the “leaky bucket” and retain just 10% more of your supporters you can increase their lifetime value by 200%.

That's why I call donor retention your easy money strategy.

Too many nonprofits focus on the expensive money — donor acquisition and special events. These strategies do bring in new supporters, but the lion’s share of them are fly-by-night donors. They won’t stick with you — unless you prioritize donor retention.

The average nonprofit isn’t just losing three or four out of 10 new donors. In fact, you’re not even losing just half of your new donors. Oh, no! You’re losing 7 out of 10 new donors!!!

These numbers are just not sustainable for most organizations. By the time you’ve added a new donor, the lion’s share of your previous new donors are out the door.

But there’s hope!

How would you like a system that triples the amount of money you get from all the new donors you bring in this year? I’ll share with you the 9 key secrets that will boost your donor retention by leaps and bounds. Plus, you’ll be able to apply what you learn RIGHT AWAY.


*PROOF Positive – so you can persuade the ‘powers that be’ that prioritizing donor retention is critical to your fundraising success
*How understanding your donor retention rate will improve your results
*Why you must reframe your definition of fundraising success
*How to measure the right things
*How to determine why you’re losing donors; then develop steps to reverse these trends
*How to connect with donors’ core values
*The magic of gratitude
*The alchemy of shifting to a gratitude culture
*3 rules for thanking donors that should never be broken
*The charm of thanking multiple times
*“Wow” rules
*Strategic drivers of donor loyalty
*Triggers that influence donor relationships
*Donor-centered communications that woo supporters
*How to target reducing losses to increase net gain
*Your Donor Retention ACTION PLAN – step-by-step — renew 1st-time, repeat, lapsed and offline donors
*Your Donor Retention Strategic Plan CHECKLIST
*Bonus articles
*RESOURCE GUIDE with links to three pages full of additional articles, books, whitepapers and exercises

Get this Solution Kit and start spreading some love to your donors ASAP. It will come right back to you!

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