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Advocacy and Lobbying: The Rules of the Road for Nonprofits

Wed, Apr 09, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Involvement in public policy issues is a must for many nonprofits working to effectively implement their missions. But many nonprofits incorrectly believe that they are not permitted to lobby or that the rules are so complex that it is safer to just avoid it. In this webinar, we will show how the lobbying rules that apply to nonprofits can... (continued)

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Meaningful Participation: an activist's guide to collaborative policy-making

Business and government use collaborative processes to avoid drawn-out battles with citizen activists. When should citizens agree to collaborate and how can they be sure their needs will really be part of the solution? This handbook for citizens is a long-needed addition to a literature... (continued)

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A Few Good Online Petition Tools

Petitions and pledges provide ways to effect change by letting people add their names to a particular cause to show the amount of support for it. They can also help your organization build a list of people interested in its causes. So how do you implement these measures?

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Board Member's Guide to Lobbying and Advocacy

Nonprofit board members are uniquely positioned to be effective and influential lobbyists. This guide spells out how your board can use their power and privilege to move your nonprofit's work forward.

Taggedpublic relationsadvocacylobbyingpolitical actionactivismtrustee / director / board memberorganizing supportexecutive

Lobbying and Advocacy Handbook for Nonprofit Organizations

Be an effective voice for the issues that matter to your nonprofit! This guide will help you understand your role in shaping public policy, assess the benefits of lobbying to fulfill your mission, and show you how to develop and carry out an advocacy plan.

Taggedpublic relationsadvocacylobbyingpolitical actionactivismprogramorganizing support

Do You Need a New Donor Management System? A Step-by-Step Decision Making Workbook

This is our Donor Management system workbook, created in partnership with TechSoup, walks readers through the process of assessing needs, comparing them to what they have, and determining the benefits — and the costs — of moving to a new DM system. March, 2011

Taggedsoftwaremanagementsystemvendor/partner selection processtechsouptechnologyidealwarefundraisingfund-raising administrationdonor

What Makes an Effective Advocacy Organization?

Researched & written by Senior Consultant Jared Raynor and Director of Research and Development, Pete York and former TCC consultant, Shao Chee Sim draws on a variety of sources, looking at the context for policy and advocacy work and the distinctive characteristics of such work, outlining a model for evaluating... (continued)

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