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Writing to Make a Difference is a handy step-by-step guide to using your writing to make your organization (and you) more successful — right now. It includes 25 accessible and memorable chapters packed with in-demand information that’s bound to help you and your organization leap forward.

Inside this valuable resource you’ll discover a wealth of clear and effective ideas for creating documents that people will be eager to read!

Part 1 gives you a great strategic overview of how to jump-start your writing project.

Part 2 reveals the first 6 powerful writing techniques that will help you establish your organization’s socially responsible context by stressing your effectiveness and focusing on your readers.

Part 3 explores 10 more professional ways to write for results at your organization, from the beginning of your piece right through to the end.

Part 4 offers 9 editing pointers to revisit, polish, and fine-tune your work.

Add zest and creativity to your documents. Succinct, practical, and easy-to-follow chapters explore such topics as:

Clarity, conciseness, and accessibility
Heartfelt storytelling
Writing across cultures
Meeting tight deadlines
and, of course, writer’s block

A few Reader Reviews:

“An excellent read and a top pick for the concerned person with a way with the pen! The pen is very mighty indeed if applied right. “Writing to Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact” …gives readers a thoughtful and concise guide to make the most out of their writing. With advice on keeping your message clear, concise, and powerful, Dalya F. Massachi gives readers a solid and educational read with plenty of real world examples.” – Midwest Book Review

“Writing to Make a Difference is a great balance of both instructional and interactive tips, tools, and exercises for those who want to effectively communicate the difference they are making in the world. This book helps to lower the barrier for organizations who desire to tell their story in a way that captures both head and heart.” – Alandra L. Washington, Deputy Director, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

“The Achilles’ heel of many programs is the poor quality of the writing describing what the organization does. Whether on a website, in a blog, a proposal or a direct mail appeal, writing is something nonprofit staff do almost every day. Writing is a skill, and it is a skill that almost anyone can acquire. Dalya Massachi has drilled down to all that is important about good writing in this book. I recommend it for those of us who write regularly and want to improve, and for those of us who don’t write because we don’t think we can.” — Kim Klein, author, "Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times"

“This book is an excellent resource for professional writers who need to be educated on writing for community-based organizations and for non-writers who are intimidated by the thought of writing materials that will tell the stories of their organizations. Massachi uses her expertise to educate, encourage and arm her readers with confidence in their ability to write about what their organizations can offer the communities they serve…This book is a tool that should be a part of every community-based organization’s library. It would also be a useful resource that for-profit companies can use in their community projects. I highly recommend it.” – Melissa Levine for Independent Professional Book Reviewers (www.bookreviewers.org)

Want to see a sample chapter? How about the Table of Contents? You can find those links at: www.WritingToMakeADifference.com/about

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