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Writing Wednesdays: Grantseeking Bundle (4 for $3.49)

What should I know about the grantseeking process? How can I plan a great grant proposal? What are foundation and corporate funders really looking for? How can I find appropriate funders to approach? What about the budget?

These and many other questions regularly cross the minds of grantseekers. Are you one of... (continued)


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12/4/13: Writing Wednesdays: Writing a Business Plan (with a Special Guest)

Organizations that have developed a business plan are better prepared to take advantage of new opportunities and overcome challenges that develop. Will yours be one of them?

If you joined us on 12/4, you learned the value that business planning will bring to your organization and how to... (continued)


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11/6/13: Writing Wednesdays: Independent Publishing for the Changemaker

Looking for a new way to attract and engage prospective donors, clients, or customers? Today’s audiences want relevant and useful content that they can act on right away. Are you offering them that?

You can use ebooks (or printed books) to showcase your expertise while building your... (continued)


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10/2/13: Writing Wednesdays: Fundraising Appeal Letters (with a Special Guest)

Writing for the 21st century donor is different. It’s new, refreshing, and challenging. We have to think in terms of being donor-centered all the time. Writing still includes the basics, but personalization has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s called getting to know the donor and letting... (continued)


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9/4/13: Writing Wednesdays: Writing Your Case for the Social Sector (with a Special Guest)

This call was for people who need to raise support for their organization and want to improve their written “case” – certainly a significant and central vehicle in raising support. I presented a simple, practical framework for transforming your written case and gave some tips... (continued)


TaggedWriting Wednesdaysrecordingswritten casesocial sector

8/7/13: Writing Wednesdays: Opinion Pieces (with a Special Guest)

There are key strategies and practices every writer must know before writing and pitching op-eds—it’s not complicated or secretive, but most writers who pitch aren’t aware of these elemental concepts. Special Guest Laura Mazer shared the essential components of how to effectively write and pitch an... (continued)


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6/19/13: Writing Wednesdays: Editing Your Own (or a Colleague's Work)

After the first draft is written, then what? Hope you joined the discussion about different levels of editing and what to look for in each. You would have received a copy of my Editing Checklist and completed some brief editing exercises.

Thanks for bringing your questions, challenges, and... (continued)


TaggedWriting Wednesdaysrecordingseditingproofreading

6/5/13: Writing Wednesdays: Press Releases (with a Special Guest)

Special Guest John Millen has more than 20 years of experience in media relations and has done hundreds of media interviews with prominent national and local media. Based on his close relationships with journalists, John provided insights into how to write a press release that will intrigue reporters... (continued)


TaggedWriting WednesdaysrecordingsPress Releasesheadlinessubheadings

5/15/13: Writing Wednesdays: Strategic Communication Research (with a Special Guest)

You may THINK you know who you’re trying to reach, but have you done thorough research on who they are and what they’re looking for? We can’t effectively engage them if we don’t know the answers to these fundamental questions.

Our Special Guest, Forrest Anderson, took the... (continued)


TaggedWriting Wednesdaysrecordingsstrategic communication researchstakeholdersdonors

4/17/13: Writing Wednesdays: The Power of Snappy Titles (with a Special Guest)

Our Special Guest, Ellen Bristol, discussed how you can leverage your work with outstanding titles and keywords.

Ellen founded Bristol Strategy Group in 1995 with a mission to bring the benefits of formal process management to corporate sales, but the market had other plans for her. She... (continued)


TaggedWriting Wednesdaysrecordingtitleskeywords

4/3/13: Writing Wednesdays: Improve Your Collaborative Writing (with a Special Guest)

Do you lack time for inefficiencies or competition and just want strategies for quickly creating an environment for high-level collaboration? Do you want to keep everyone pulling together and creating great results consistently? Don’t leave it to chance. Deborah Pruitt, Ph.D.,... (continued)


TaggedWriting Wednesdayscollaborative writingcommunicationwriting techniques

2/20/13: Writing Wednesdays: Letters of Inquiry to Funders (Part 2)

Does your organization seek grant funding from foundations or corporations? If so, you probably write lots of Letters of Inquiry (mini-proposals of up to 3 pages). Could you use some pointers and constructive feedback to help you improve?

Looking at your piece from the perspective of a third party... (continued)

Taggedrecordingsgrant writingfundersletters of intentLetters of InquiryWriting Wednesdays

1/30/13: Writing Wednesdays: Plan Your Editorial Calendar (with a Special Guest)

Do you plan out the content for your blog, website, newsletter, press releases, social media, and other communications channels? Or are you publishing content on the fly?

By offering relevant, engaging, well-crafted content, your organization can better spark conversation, share your... (continued)


TaggedWriting Wednesdayseditorial calendarrecordingssocial strategy

9/18/13 Writing Wednesdays : Top Tips for Grantseeking (Part 2)

What should I know about the grantseeking process? How can I plan a great grant proposal? What are foundation and corporate funders really looking for? How can I find appropriate funders to approach? What about the budget?

These and many other questions regularly cross the minds of... (continued)

TaggedWriting Wednesdaysgrantsgrantseekingrecordingsfree resourcegrant proposals

3/20/13 Writing Wednesdays Recording: Mission Statements (with a Special Guest)

Could your mission statement describe any of several other organizations that are similar to yours? Do you just haul it out once a year for your annual report and 990? If you’ve been around for many years, you’re clear about your nonprofit’s value to your community, your stakeholders and/or... (continued)

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