The Resilient NPO: 12 Questions for Sustained Change Edit Title

Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT Edit Date

CHANGE. The nonprofit sector faces relentless pressure to change from every direction. Stakeholders including clients, donors, regulators, partners, staff, and volunteers push for change. Technological advancement, talent management trends, competition with social enterprise, political shifts, and cultural norms all create conditions requiring nonprofits to evolve. This session provides nonprofit managers with an approach for responding to this environment of never-ending change by creating a more resilient and resolute organization.

Organizational Dynamics Advisor and founder of BraveShift, Daniel Doucette, will share with participants a 12-part framework guiding them through three dimensions--culture, leadership and operations--for creating a change-enabled NPO. Participants will leave the webinar with:

(1) a broader understanding of change management theory as applied to the NPO environment
(2) specific recommendations of the steps to take to create a more resilient organization
(3) insights into the experiences/challenges being faced by sister NPOs participating in the session

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  1. BraveShift safeguards nonprofits' mission and assures high return on investment in new initiatives through change management and leadership development programs all based on human-centered organizational practices.

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