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Let’s be honest, think of a lifesaver in the beach and you would easily fall into the trap of a stereotype. A young individual with a well-tanned muscular body sitting in the sunshine wearing a shade and drinking lemonade while watching the tide and the blanket of people in the water. But this isn’t always the case and don’t just fall on the popular opinion of what a lifesaver does all day. Lifesavers on the beach do have a vital role in the society. They are commonly referred as the heroes at sea, guarding and diving into the water to pull people out of danger.

In Southbourne, a volunteer lifesaving club whose objective is to provide a safe and healthier community patrols the beach every single day carrying their most valuable piece of equipment – himself/herself. Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club command post is located near the bottom of St. Catherine’s path near the seaside eatery - Bistro on the Beach. They also have a rescue boat on shore, ready to be used in case of emergency on the water.

Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club offers various training and activities for young members. The Nipper section is for seven to twelve years old who must be able to swim at least 25m. As a Nipper, they will be taught basic lifesaving skills, surf safety as well as surf and beach sports. They are regarded as the Life Savers of the Future. Trained to take up the responsibility of nurturing the goal and objective of the club for the community.

The club also offers Life Saving Sports awards for ages twelve to sixteen and a course in Beach Lifeguard Qualification, Leadership and Instructor Development and Sports Coaching for members at the age of sixteen and above.

Being a lifesaver is no joke. They have the capability to take action and change a moment or even save a life. Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club is a network of volunteer beach lifesavers who understand the responsibility bestowed upon them.

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