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Some of our most unforgettable memories during childhood are from our frequent visit to the beach. Swimming, playing and exploring the vastness of underwater world of sea creatures and building sand castles are the most engaging memories we can never forget. Just by sitting at the beach unattended will make you nostalgic about your childhood life.

Yes, beach means enjoyment in the water under the sun, but it also carries a risk for anyone who isn’t well informed on safety rules to follow when at the beach. According to research, drowning is the leading cause of accidental deaths on beaches. This is why lifeguards and surf rescue crews are vital to have in beaches in case anyone gets into trouble. However, learning basic lifesaving skills and knowing beach safety tips and steps will help you keep safe or others from danger when lifeguards aren’t around to serve you.

Lifesaving is a responsibility that should not be taken for granted. Anyone who was trained and possesses lifesaving skills has the power to take action and change a moment or even save a life. Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club (SSLSC) is a network of volunteer beach lifesavers who encourage children as young as seven to join their club and become the lifesavers of the future. The members of SSLSC are dedicated in providing a safe and healthy community for the residents and tourists of Southbourne. They offer various activities for club members of all ages whether it’s Nippers (Junior Life Savers) or elite members.

It would be a very meaningful childhood experience to have fun under the sun while learning important lifesaving skills in the beach. Nothing gives us more motivation to strive learning the basics of lifesaving than the thought of performing noble or heroic deeds which involve saving others from impending danger.

Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club aims to allow its member to develop their love for outdoors by conducting training and events that will not only inspire, no fraud activities and motivate them but also to help keep Southbourne community to become a safe haven for beach goers.

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