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After years of producing action plans in hard copy, Managance Consulting has decided that given the dynamic nature of action planning, our clients would benefit from an electronic tracking tool that allowed for continual updating and reporting. This would allow both management and staff to better monitor progress and provide detailed accounting of ongoing activities. After searching unsuccessfully for such a tool, Managance has created its own program that would be best suited for our clients’ diverse needs and desires to track progress in a variety of different ways. We are happy to make this tool available to others. This program allows you to enter measurements at multiple levels. These measures can be used to track that you have completed actions, that you have met objectives and goals. At the goal level you may choose to actually track community wide indicators that you are trying to shift through your strategies. In this way you can even measure the impact of what you are doing. The Users Guide offers step by step instructions for setting up your action plan data base, using it as a tracking tool and printing a variety of reports. Our team worked diligently to develop a “user-friendly” action plan tracking tool in an open source format that can be expanded and adapted further. It is a work in progress and will greatly benefit from continuous tinkering and improvements. To that end, we would love to get your feedback about what works well for you and what areas should be strengthened. If you have comments to share, please forward them to Denice Hinden at [email protected] We expect that at least annually we will review and update the database. We will pass along any changes to any organization that purchases it.

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