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You don’t go to Galveston nearly as much as you should. Sure, the water is “dirty,” and the sand isn’t fluffy and white, and it's not stick-thin like the islands in Michael Bay movies -- but it does have tasty food, great drinks, and some amazing events. In fact, there are at least 74 killer reasons to recommend it...

  1. It’s a vacation destination only one hour away
    So why not?

  2. It has 32 miles of beach
    That’s a lot of beach.

  3. The beautiful water will bring out the color of your eyes
    ... so long as your eyes are brown.

  4. It’s cheap
    Think Houston happy hour prices, all the time. Except when it's happy hour in Galveston, when it’s somehow even cheaper.

  5. It’s been named the #1 place to live in Texas
    It claims this island has more nightlife per capita than anywhere else in Texas.

  6. You can show up late (except when meeting for drinks)
    It’s a thing known as “island time.”

  7. Take photos at the Galveston Cemetery while the flowers are in bloom
    It’s pretty and you are guaranteed double-digit likes on Instagram.

  8. Explore the Moody Gardens pyramids
    There is a rainforest pyramid & an aquarium pyramid, both of which are great. Doesn’t matter how old you are, monkeys and sharks are always cool.

  9. Step away from the salt water and get to Schlitterbahn Waterpark
    It has a wave pool AND a lazy river. Just remember not to run around the pool.

  10. Fly a kite
    Why not? It’s cool to do it at the beach (kinda), and with fewer power lines than Houston, it's safer, too.

  11. Check out the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum
    It’s actually interesting, and if you live in Houston you should probably know what all this oil & gas stuff is about.

  12. Get some history
    There is lots of it in Galveston. Pirate ships (or boats that look like pirate ships), massive old mansions, churches, Victorian homes, and more all scattered about the island.

  13. Hit the Pleasure Pier
    Sounds dirty, but it’s not. Its big and long and you can ride all you want for around $30.

  14. Let Fido roam
    The miles of beach are open to your pooch. Just please bring plastic bags...

  15. Mosquito Cafe
    Right up the street from Sunflower, with more of a deli feel. Check out the tuna sandwich. Make sure to order it rare.

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