The Board Room – (Complete) nonprofit board templates, forms and samples Edit Title

Action Plans - Board Action Plan Instructions, Board Action Plan Template, Sample Board Action Plan
Assessment Tools - Board Assessment Outcomes - Sample, Board Assessment: Resources and Tools
Strategic Planning - Core Values Exercise, Strategic Plan Outline, The Role of the Board in Strategic Planning

Contract - Board Member Contract
Job Description - Board Member Job Description
Orientation - Board Member Orientation Checklist, Sample Board Manual Table of Contents, Sample Orientation Meeting Agenda

Composition Analysis - Board Composition Analysis, Using the Composition Analysis
Correspondence - Invitation Letter Template, Rejection Letter Template
Job Description - Board Member Job Description
Timeline - Recruitment Timeline

Agendas - Consent Agenda - Sample
Bylaws - Sample Nonprofit Bylaws
Committees - Audit Committee Charter - Sample, Committee Charter Guidelines, Common Board Committees, Development Committee Charter - Sample, Finance Committee Charter - Sample, Governance Committee Charter - Sample
Communication - Board Meeting Minutes Template, Committee Meeting Notes Template, Press Release Template, Sample Press Release
Emergencies - Business Emergency Plan
Evaluation - Chief Executive Evaluation, Dashboard Indicators Model and Template
Risk Management - Guidelines on Client Rights, Risk Management Checklist
Roles - Board and Staff Roles, Board Member Job Description, Board Member Profile

Bibliography - Recommended Reading for Nonprofit Board Members

Checklist - Governance and Accountability Checklist
Dissolution - Dissolution of a Nonprofit Organization
Policies - Board Attendance Policy Template, Child Protection Policy, Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest Policy, Document Retention and Destruction Policy, Gift Acceptance Policy, Poliza de Proteccion y Represalias, Whistle blower protection policy in Spanish, Rationale for a Board Attendance Policy, Rationale for a Code of Ethics, Succession Planning and Term Limits

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