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There is something about sea water that draws and fascinates us humans. It might be because sea water has a similar composition as our blood plasma and that we desperately seek to connect with this omnipresent element on Earth.

As a matter of fact, sea water provides countless health benefits. According to studies, those who live close to the ocean have better health than those who live inland. There really is a magic in the sea that significantly improves a person’s well-being. However, in spite of its positive effects, it carries danger to anyone who ventured out to sea.

During summer, many people spend their vacation in beaches. But trips to the beach are not always fun under the sun. Every year, thousands of people die drowning because many of them do not follow or aren’t aware of basic rules when they’re at the beach. This is why lifesavers are an asset to communities. They possess the necessary lifesaving skills to respond accordingly to emergency situations where a life is involved.

Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club has been patrolling beaches for the benefit of the general public. In some cases, tourist mostly swims in the open ocean from a boat. This is why it is also vital to conduct weekly patrols on the sea and its surrounding area using efficient and well-maintained motorboats and equipment appropriate to open water rescues. The club members patrol during weekends and bank holidays from May to October where tourist and residents flock in Southbourne beach.

Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club aims to provide beach education to the public by providing information and training in lifesaving, surf safety and first aid for the betterment of the community. Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club composed of volunteer members who are willing to devote a little bit of their time to help make Southbourne community a safer place.

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