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Physicists are fond of pointing out the Law of Entropy as the fundamental cause of disorder in the Universe. We see it in all aspects of life and nature – biological decomposition, geologic weathering, traffic jams, environmental degradation and teenagers’ messy rooms. Hence, the amount of disorder tends to be greater than order and that humans have to labor or struggle hard to keep up with the downhill march to complete universal chaos.

It may seem like a grim picture; however, it is a reality we all learn to suffer and cope with in many ways. From the simplest to the most complex of human activities, some form of “housekeeping” or “cleaning up after” needs to be done in order to bring back things to their original state, or in the case of value-added tasks, to their intended ideal condition. And even in many projects, oftentimes, just the preparation phase may involve a big percentage of the cost, time and effort required. For instance, the very simple task of cooking a single dish may take a half hour to an hour to complete, only for the dish to be consumed in a few minutes. And after that, the cleaning up and putting back all the things used in the process may involve some more time to accomplish.

In business or manufacturing, the maintenance and housekeeping work takes a large chunk of the cost and time out of any particular endeavor. Ryder & Sparks Prime Corporation was conceived for the purpose of providing this vital aspect of companies in need of these services. The company takes pride in having the professional and technical capability to address theirs clients’ needs through its partnership with highly-skilled and financially-stable service providers to suit every kind of task.

Ryder & Sparks Prime Corporation engages some of the most innovative, idealistic, dynamic and experienced managers and executives and managers in manufacturing, construction, engineering, service contracting, marketing and sales and marketing, as well as human-resource management for many local and overseas firms.

In particular, Ryder & Sparks specializes in building and facilities care, housekeeping and janitorial maintenance as its primary service. Nevertheless, it has also built up its capability in the other areas requiring service-outsourcing through expanding its resources and partnerships with many top-quality companies engaged in construction and building maintenance and housekeeping.

Rust never sleeps – to paraphrase the Law of Entropy. Neither does work nor the pursuit of professional or entrepreneurial excellence. Ryder & Sparks keeps up with the never-ending task of putting order into our lives. The reason the company has existed for many years is that it has succeeded in overcoming the challenges and obstacles that often stump those who give up in the fight for order as well as excellence.

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