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4Good exists to empower nonprofit organizations and social enterprises by connecting like-minded professionals and community members, and by empowering the sharing of a wealth of resources from which they may benefit.

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Meaningful Participation: an activist's guide to collaborative policy-making

Business and government use collaborative processes to avoid drawn-out battles with citizen activists. When should citizens agree to collaborate and how can they be sure their needs will really be part of the solution? This handbook for citizens is a long-needed addition to a literature... (continued)

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Gayle Gifford

I advise nonprofits from the grassroots to international in governance, strategic and business planning, organization development and fundraising as president of Cause & Effect Inc. I assist government agencies in the design of their public engagement programs. I blog, tweet, teach, speak and write about nonprofit policy and organization development to a... (continued)

Jonathan Peizer

Over two decades working in the nonprofit and philanthropic space most notably as the Soros Foundation’s first CIO and Internet Program Director. He is a Consultant, Social Entrepreneur, Author of the Dynamics of Technology for Social Change as well as numerous articles and manuals on technology, philanthropy and nonprofit capacity... (continued)

Mark Goldstein, CFRE

Mark Goldstein, CFRE, is President and CEO of Communication Mark consulting in Arden, NC. Mr. Goldstein is most sought after as an expert proposal writer and project strategist. He is the creator of the Open Communication Fundraising Model, a system that enables all nonprofit agency stakeholders to effectively work together toward organizational and fundraising... (continued)

Montana Nonprofit Association

The Montana Nonprofit Association is a membership organization that promotes a stronger nonprofit sector in Montana through public policy, affordable products and services, organizational development, research and information sharing, and network building.


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Tom Pollak

Thomas Pollak is program director of the nonprofit National Center for Charitable Statistics at the Urban Institute, a Washington DC-based research organization, which he joined in 1996. He has his law degree from Georgetown University and has been actively involved with a range of other nonprofit organizations as a director, volunteer, consultant and employee.