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Fundraising Down the Drain: The Leaky Bucket Benchmarking Study of Effective Fundraising, Complete Report

The Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising has been gathering data about the productivity of the fundraising staff since 2011, and the findings of the study are striking and distressing. We analyze and interpret the data in the complete, analytical... (continued)


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Fundraising Down the Drain: The Leaky Bucket Benchmarking Study of Effective Fundraising 2014, Report Highlights

We have been gathering hard data about the productivity of the fundraising team, since April 2011. This summary report provides highlights on study findings between launch and December 2013. Here's the verdict: fundraising productivity leaves a lot to be desired!

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Fundraising the SMART Way: Who's Good Enough for You?

Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Want to revolutionize your fundraising? Figure out which donors are right for you. Concentrate on the ones who give, advocate, and adore your nonprofit, its mission, and its programs. Avoid those DOA's - donors who are dead on arrival - who make you sorry you won their gifts in the first place. Sounds easy,... (continued)

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Fundraising the SMART Way: Why We Need a Fundraising Revolution

Wed, Mar 05, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Fundraising: the business function that nonprofit professionals love to hate. Why? Without predictable, consistent income growth, charities struggle mightily to fulfill their missions and achieve their visions. Yet the data show income growth for most charities is sluggish or worse, in spite of the... (continued)

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4Good exists to empower nonprofit organizations and social enterprises by connecting like-minded professionals and community members, and by empowering the sharing of a wealth of resources from which they may benefit.

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De-Mystifying Fundraising: Power Pack Plus Consulting

Purchase this version of De-Mystifying Fundraising and you'll receive three hours of private consulting with program author Ellen Bristol. Ellen is widely known as a thought leader in business analytics and performance management for the fundraising profession. De-Mystifying Fundraising is an ebook including a... (continued)


Taggedfundraisingsustainable fundraisingconsulting for fundraisingbristol strategy groupellen bristolde-mystifying fundraisingfundraising / fund development

De-Mystifying Fundraising: Power Pack

De-Mystifying Fundraising: Power Pack gives you all four components of the De-Mystifying Fundraising workbook, at a significant discount. You will receive the ebook De-Mystiyfing Fundraising: Seven Steps to Fundraising Success, the templates to work through exercises, plus live copies of our two popular calculators, the... (continued)


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De-Mystifying Fundraising: The Templates

This handy set of templates helps you work through the Seven Steps to Fundraising Success you read about in the ebook De-Mystifying Fundraising. Download it now!

The Sharing Entity offering such Paid Content hereby grants You a nonexclusive, personal, noncommercial, non-sublicenseable, non-transferable, limited right and... (continued)


Taggedfundraisingsustainable fundraisingfundraising / fund developmentfundraising the smart wayellen bristolde-mystifying fundraisingbristol strategy group

The SMART Fundraising Game!

Fundraising is a professional job that can be baffling to those who don't raise funds for a living. The SMART Fundraising Game helps board, staff and volunteers "get it," using real-world examples, competition and lots of laughter.

Play the SMART Fundraising Game at Board or Staff Meetings, Retreats, Training Workshops! You'll... (continued)


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The Fund-Diversification Calculator

The Fund Diversification Calculator is a companion tool to be used with the e-book De-Mystifying Fundraising. It helps you to calculate your current levels of funding diversification and project future targets. Each page of this two-page workbook includes the formulas and instructions that calculate your situation or targets... (continued)


Taggedsustainable fundraisingfunding diversificationfund diversification calculatorfundraising the smart wayfundraising effectivenessfundraising / fund developmentfundraisingellen bristolde-mystifying fundraisingconsulting

The Opportunity Risk Calculator for Nonprofits

How much is your fundraising time really worth? It's probably a lot more than you think.

Fundraising time is scarce and precious. Every time you invest an hour in fundraising activities, you put a certain amount of income "at risk." You risk LOSING as much - or more - than you'll gain. Find out how much YOUR time... (continued)

Taggedsustainable fundraisingcost of fundraisingeffective fundraisingfundraising the smart wayfundraising / fund developmentfundraisingellen bristolconsultingbristol strategy group

Getting Your Board to Give, Get or Get Off

Of all the questions we get asked about board service, this one is probably the most frequent: how do I get my board members to donate money? Sometimes it’s framed like this: what’s a good give-or-get policy? Not so long ago, I met a member of an effective local board, and he told me that he and his fellow board members... (continued)

Taggedfundraisingboard developmentboard's role in fundraisinggive or get policyexecutiveellen bristolconsultingbristol strategy groupboard of directorsboard give or get policy

Measure It to Manage It

How many times have you heard people say “you can’t manage it if you can’t measure it”? A hundred? A thousand? It’s a great rule, but like a lot of business principles, it’s easier to say it than it is to do it. Why? Because figuring out what to measure, especially in fundraising, is tougher than it looks.

In this SMART Practices... (continued)

Taggedfundraising productivitysustainable fundraisingperformance metricsbusiness analyticsfundraising the smart wayfundraising / fund developmentfundraisingellen bristolconsultingbristol strategy group

Teach Your Pipeline to Speak "Donor"

How does your fundraising pipeline “speak” to you today? For lots of people, the fundraising pipeline, that useful list of grants, gifts and corporate sponsorships that you try to keep up to date, may only tell you two things: “what’s closing this week?” and “are we going to meet our fundraising goals this quarter?” Too often,... (continued)

Taggedfundraisingsustainable fundraisingfund development processopportunity pipelinefundraising the smart wayfundraising / fund developmentellen bristolconsultingbristol strategy group

Three Simple Questions that Establish Donor Trust

Conventional wisdom reminds us to listen more than we talk, when we’re out there cultivating donors. But are we “listening” for the right information? In fact, do we know what answers we want to hear? In the world of professional fundraising, the questions we ask are as important as, and maybe more important... (continued)

Taggedfundraisingcultivationideal donordonor motivationsmart practicesfundraising the smart wayfundraising / fund developmentellen bristolconsultingbristol strategy group

Why Your Best Funders Support You

Effective fundraising requires something more than tactics and persistence, especially when it comes to larger gifts, grants and corporate contributions. It requires that fundraisers understand what their donors want to accomplish with their charitable giving, not just where they want to put their money, and certainly not just... (continued)

Taggedfundraisingstrategic managementmarketingoutreachsustainable fundraisingwhitepapersvalue propositionelevator itchfundraising / fund developmentexecutive

Fundraising Strengths Your Competition Can't Touch

Experienced nonprofit professionals appreciate the value of their mission statement, because the mission statement itself is often what persuades donors and grant makers to invest in their agencies. But the agency’s mission may not always be as clear as it should. Your fundraising staff may believe that funders... (continued)

Taggedmarketingfundraisingfund developmentbest practicesnonprofit competitionnonprofit elevator pitchcompetitionmission statementsustainable fundraisingfundraising / fund development

De-Mystifying Fundraising: Seven Steps to Fundraising Success

De-Mystifying Fundraising: Seven Steps to Fundraising Success, is Ellen Bristol's first e-book. It's a great introduction to creating a sustainable fund-development operation. If you are new to fundraising, if your board is new to fundraising, or if you, your board and your staff need to give your... (continued)


Taggedfundraisingdevelopment plansuccessful fundraisingdemystifying fundraisingstarting to fundraisesetting up your fundraisingdevelopment officefundraising / fund developmentexecutiveconsulting

The Leaky Bucket for Effective Fundraising

Productivity and effectiveness ‘leak’ out of fundraising organizations in ways you might not notice – until the pipes burst and there’s a crisis. The Leaky Bucket study assesses the maturity of nine business practices that either help or hurt fundraising results. It's free, takes 5 minutes, and you'll get results right... (continued)

Bristol Strategy Group

At Bristol Strategy Group, we’re experts in sustainable fund development. We'll make your fund development efforts more successful and productive by addressing the way you manage fundraising performance. We simplify the way you create performance indicators, success measures, and the rules, guidelines, benchmarks and reporting methods that you, your team,... (continued)


Ellen Bristol

Ellen Bristol, an expert in sustainable fund development, founded Bristol Strategy Group in 1995 after 20+ years in corporate sales. A pioneer in the development of performance analytics to drive fund development, she is the designer of the Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising, an online survey that has revealed surprising insights into the... (continued)

Sam Frank

Sam Frank founded Synthesis Partnership to advise non-profit organizations in strategy, planning and organizational development. The largest share of his practice is devoted strategic planning, but he also works with clients on board governance, change management, facility, program and business planning, and training.

In 2009 he co-founded Nonprofit Webinars and... (continued)

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