Fundraising the SMART Way: Who's Good Enough for You? Edit Title

Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT Edit Date

Want to revolutionize your fundraising? Figure out which donors are right for you. Concentrate on the ones who give, advocate, and adore your nonprofit, its mission, and its programs. Avoid those DOA's - donors who are dead on arrival - who make you sorry you won their gifts in the first place. Sounds easy, right? So why do the data tell us that more than 65 percent of development professionals report that they lack documented criteria for qualifying prospects, and investing time in those with the highest potential for donor lifetime value?

Documenting your qualifying criteria, your ideal-donor profile, is one of the most dramatic and productive things to do if you want to revolutionize your fundraising. Your SMART Way Prospect Scorecard goes way beyond conventional criteria about wealth profile and giving history. It also describes your best funders' qualitative characteristics, their motivations for giving, and even shows you where their "danger signs" may lie.

In this second webinar in our series Fundraising the SMART Way: Why We Need a Fundraising Revolution, we'll show you why the Scorecard will buy back time you'd otherwise squander trying to win over the wrong prospects, and how you can start the process of building your own Scorecard, the one that will be unique to your nonprofit organization.

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