Fundraising the SMART Way: Why We Need a Fundraising Revolution Edit Title

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Fundraising: the business function that nonprofit professionals love to hate. Why? Without predictable, consistent income growth, charities struggle mightily to fulfill their missions and achieve their visions. Yet the data show income growth for most charities is sluggish or worse, in spite of the onslaught of new technologies, training programs, and graduate schools offering advanced degrees. Maybe it’s time to do something different: to look at the way fundraising is managed, not just the way it’s done.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why managing fundraising effectively can improve donor engagement while it raises your bottom line
  • How embracing the right metrics the right way will drive continuous improvement
  • Why constructing a powerful fundraising "toolkit" will help development officers improve their performance, and
  • How these new approaches will draw rave reviews from your leadership and governing board

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