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Fundraising is a professional job that can be baffling to those who don't raise funds for a living. The SMART Fundraising Game helps board, staff and volunteers "get it," using real-world examples, competition and lots of laughter.

Play the SMART Fundraising Game at Board or Staff Meetings, Retreats, Training Workshops! You'll see:

  • How each participant can contribute without having to ask for money
  • What can happen simply by speaking well of the agency you support
  • Why it's so important to understand your agency's mission and how you contribute to it
  • How much easier it is to lose money than to bring it in
  • What's at stake if you don't get involved

The SMART Fundraising Game is like Monopoly without the game board. Just roll the dice or toss a coin (bring your own dice or coin). Then choose a card, and figure out what to do next! If you lose all your agency's imaginary money you're out of business. If you gain money - you're a winner!

Download your game now. File includes 30 Gain Cards, 30 Loss Cards, instructions on printing the game, Rules of the Game and Ledger Sheets.

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