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Getting Visual with Strategy

For this “article”, Julie shares some methods for enhancing creative engagement into a strategy planning process. Whether or not you engage a visual facilitator to partner with you on your next strategy planning session, these ideas can be used by anyone to tap into the power of creative, visual engagement. These tools can... (continued)

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101 Essential Tips for Leading Amazingly Productive Virtual Teams

If you’re leading a geographically-dispersed team, either as a project leader or a direct manager, this new tips guide from Guided Insights principal Nancy Settle-Murphy can be an indispensable reference guide. Synthesized from content from some of her most popular courses, combined with... (continued)


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Meeting for Results Tool Kit: Make Your Meetings Work

This Tool Kit provides a different approach to running effective meetings as it:
Helps you structure a naturally effective meeting rather than relying on rules or norms for guiding behavior; Provides 12 clear choices and 31 supporting tools for planning, conducting and achieving results from meetings; And, serves as... (continued)

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Nancy Settle-Murphy

Nancy Settle-Murphy is president of Guided Insights, a facilitation, training and communications strategy consulting firm. Her specialty: Helping organizations achieve exceptional results within a surprisingly short time through highly-productive conversations that keep people actively engaged, regardless of location or time zone. By deftly using “blended... (continued)

Rick Lent

Richard Lent has spent 25 years facilitating meetings around the world. These meetings have brought stakeholders together for planning, organizational change and societal issues. He also helps nonprofit boards redefine vision and strategy and improve their work together.

Among the organizations in which Rick has supported significant meetings are: InterAction... (continued)

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Mona Jones-Romansic

Olive Grove is a network that leverages expertise, capital, and new ideas for philanthropists and nonprofit leaders to create a “vibrant and just society.” We choose to work with leaders who are willing to have challenging but productive conversations to create the momentum for transformative change.

Most consulting firms focus on developing proprietary... (continued)