Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Pa. Airbag-Fraud Bill Would Help Knock out Knockoffs

Coalition urges state Senate passage to protect consumers from shady body shops

Making airbag scams a specific crime in Pennsylvania will save lives and deal a blow to insurance scams, the Coalition... (continued)

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Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Allow EUOs without court order

Examinations under oath help insurers combat fraud and should be allowed without requiring time-consuming court orders in Kentucky, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud and National Insurance Crime Bureau say in a joint amicus brief filed today with the state’s... (continued)

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Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Cohesive Partnerships Key To Combating Fraud

The growing number of partnerships within the insurance fraud-fighting community is a key reason for many recent successes in battling this crime. Many of those successes were highlighted in the 2015 annual report... (continued)

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Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Texas Supreme Court Urged To Let Insurers Prove Fraud

Allowing medical providers to hide false claims amid treatment for crash injuries will encourage scams and could discourage insurers from writing business in Texas, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud... (continued)

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Wallace and Associates Inc: Industrial Relations & Union Matters

Paul understands the challenges that negotiating collective agreements can present for businesses. Paul’s expertise in this specialised area focusses on achieving business outcomes as part of the collective agreement negotiation process.

**[Our Industrial Relations services... (continued)

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Amplify Your Brand

Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Building a strong brand is about making a promise, then delivering consistently on that promise, to every single stakeholder, every single time. Your staff and volunteers are at the core of that promise — it's crucial that they understand and buy into the brand in order to do their best work and serve as the face of your organization to the... (continued)

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Children’s Christmas Party

Started 2015-12-12T03:00:00ZSaturday, December 12, 2015 at 03:00AM UTC, lasted for about 12 hours

This is the yearly highlight for our orphans and vulnerable children. It is a day dedicated to them to ensure they have a lot of fun and excitement running around and playing on the jumping castles. Each child gets present from Father Christmas, lots of sweets, cakes and nice goodies as well as a nice nutritious meals.... (continued)


State Your Case — Create Advocacy Messages That Get Results

Wed, Dec 02, 2015 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

What will happen the next time you have the opportunity to connect with an elected official or other potential sponsor? Imagine that s/he is standing in front of you, curious and asks: "How can I help?" What will you say?

To create lasting and sustainable change, you need strong advocacy and... (continued)

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Ann Smith

Gifted Support Center is an organization in the San Francisco Bay Area that identifies and supports gifted children and their families. We are a nonprofit that also supports enrichment education in our diverse communities.

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8 Techniques to Raise Money for your Non-Profit using Social Media

For nonprofits, email fundraising is a strategy in decline.

According to recent M+R Benchmark research, response rates for email fundraising have dropped by 12 percent since 2013. Response rates for email advocacy dropped by 18 percent in the same time period.

Every quarter, it becomes more and... (continued)

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Welcome to The Peterson Group


Imagine taking a medication without knowing if it's the proper strength, if it might be contaminated with foreign substances, or even if it contains any real... (continued)

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HandsOn San Diego Plan-to-Plan Report

Completed by: Sarah Adams, Jessica Green, and Laura Purdom

A USD consultant team worked with HandsOn San Diego to collect preliminary research that would lay the foundation for future strategic planning. HandsOn San Diego’s mission is to strengthen communities through volunteer action and leadership development. The research... (continued)

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Independent Sector: Charting Impact

At the heart of Charting Impact are five powerful questions that require reflection and promote communication about what really matters – results.

For each nonprofit or foundation, Charting Impact encourages strategic thinking about how it will achieve its goals. Responding to the five questions creates a unique report that... (continued)

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Nonprofit Forecast 2015

What's ahead for the sector? Here are six predictions? Agree? Disagree? Let's chat.


Saying "Thank You" to Donors During the Holidays by Raphael Magana

On Sunday December 23 2014, Sierra Club Angeles volunteer members came together at the home of David Haake to spend a couple hours calling friends and supporters of the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter, to thank them for their supports allowing the organization to focus in the following three services: education, advocacy,... (continued)

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Rising Confidence in Online Ed—Fundraising

I have always been fascinated by the concept of online education. Ever since the founding of Coursera and edX. I had an opportunity to collaborate with Grameen Foundation Bankers Without Borders in Washington D.C in supporting an online learning course platform system and training through the use of online videos and... (continued)

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Iffat Gill

Brief Bio:

Iffat Gill is the principal blogger and consultant at Gill Nonprofit Consulting. Iffat is Fundraising mentor with Cherie Blair Foundation and has more than 10 years of experience in the non-profit sector. She started her career as human rights activist and has worked with numerous women and youth focused socioeconomic... (continued)

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If voting doesn't produce change, what does?

Congressman Bill Posey served in the Florida House for eight years and then the senate before going to Washington. He likes to tell the story about when he was first elected and asked an experienced elected official what politics is all about. The old pro said, “Politics is just a matter of who gets what, when.”
“I was... (continued)

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Why Candidates Don't Care About Your Issues... And How This Works For You And Your Organization...

Part Two - Suggestions to promote change yet to come...

Despite all the reasons voting usually doesn't do much good, please vote. In a rare instance, your vote might determine who gets elected. But in the case of most issues that touch you, you have little or no power to make change through... (continued)


Voting: The Least Powerful Technique To Promote Change

Part 1

The Voting Contradiction

Some will argue that the real source of political power, for most people, is their right to vote. Certainly after the disputed and close Presidential elections of 2000, 2004 and 2008, we know voting is important. I urge my clients to get their people registered. It’s the... (continued)

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Joel Blackwell

Joel is the author of "Keep On Voting After The Election - How ordinary people get what they want from government" the grass roots manual used by associations. The book is designed to help organizations recruit, educate, motivate and activate a powerful grass roots army.

That book and others feature success stories and advice from elected officials, lobbyists,... (continued)

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Clark County Theatre Center

The CLARK COUNTY THEATRE CENTER will be a gathering place for artists and art lovers alike. Our mission is to create a comfortable, collaborative and affordable facility that can be shared by many nonprofit arts organizations… each benefitting from the greater whole.

Our complex will be open daily from 11:00 AM until 2:00 AM, and will include our... (continued)


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2011 National Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey

The 2011 national Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey™ is intended to provide a snapshot of current employment practices and discuss the economic trends and implications of employment practices in the sector. This report, which has been produced annually by Nonprofit HR Solutions since 2007, includes responses from... (continued)

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