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Technical Support Specialist Job at Wallace Associates

Technical Support Specialist

Waltham, MA

The Company

Our client is the world leader in solving critical documentation issues for enterprise-level organizations and governments, enabling... (continued)

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Current Opportunities: Inside Sales Representative at Wallace Associates Inc

Inside Sales Representative
Waltham, MA

The Company

Our client is the world leader in solving critical documentation issues for enterprise-level organizations and governments, enabling them to operate more... (continued)

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Wallace Associates Inc Singapore Executive Management Recruitment: Manager, Corporate Accounts

The Company

Our client is a not-for-profit organization that provides smart solutions that simplifies the access and licensing of content that lets businesses and academic institutions quickly get permission to share copyright-protected materials, while... (continued)

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Current Opportunities: Manager, Corporate Accounts at Wallace Associates Inc

The Company

Our client is a not-for-profit organization that provides smart solutions that simplifies the access and licensing of content that lets businesses and academic institutions quickly get permission to share copyright-protected materials, while compensating publishers and... (continued)

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Wallace Associates

Since first incorporating in 1988 Wallace Associates has been dedicated to helping progressive firms with a priority on people to identify and hire the top talent in their industry. Our primary focus is on the information industry. We specialize and know the business like no one else. Key clients are technology... (continued)

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Saying "Thank You" to Donors During the Holidays by Raphael Magana

On Sunday December 23 2014, Sierra Club Angeles volunteer members came together at the home of David Haake to spend a couple hours calling friends and supporters of the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter, to thank them for their supports allowing the organization to focus in the following three services: education, advocacy,... (continued)

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Insider's Guide to the Relationship between Executive Directors and Boards of Directors

Relationships between Executive Directors and Boards of Directors can be eased if the Executive Director understands and accepts a few basic realities about Boards.

Recently, I've talked with someone seeking to become an Executive Director of a non-profit organization.... (continued)

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Why Candidates Don't Care About Your Issues... And How This Works For You And Your Organization...

Part Two - Suggestions to promote change yet to come...

Despite all the reasons voting usually doesn't do much good, please vote. In a rare instance, your vote might determine who gets elected. But in the case of most issues that touch you, you have little or no power to make change through... (continued)


Voting: The Least Powerful Technique To Promote Change

Part 1

The Voting Contradiction

Some will argue that the real source of political power, for most people, is their right to vote. Certainly after the disputed and close Presidential elections of 2000, 2004 and 2008, we know voting is important. I urge my clients to get their people registered. It’s the... (continued)

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Developing and Using Effective Interview Questions for Better Hiring

Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Ensuring that you have the right person on board in the right position is critical to your organization’s success. Strengthening your interview process with behaviorally based questions can give you important insights about whether an applicant will be a good fit for a particular... (continued)

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SEA Tip Sheet #3: Recruiting board members and professional volunteers

Finding the right people can be difficult for businesses and NGOs alike.This SEA Tip Sheet presents practical guidelines for recruiting new board members and professional volunteers.

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The Gold Standard: Randomized Control Trial

What is program evaluation? Ask social sector leaders this question and you will get a variety of answers. To some it involves a quick survey at the completion of a training class, others will say it involves qualitative assessment including some focus groups and interviews, and others will describe a very rigorous... (continued)

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The Cultural Revolution in Executive Search

Organizational culture is a popular topic these days, and nowhere more so than in the field of leadership development and executive placement. A bad cultural fit can undermine an otherwise perfect candidate for the executive position and for this reason it is fairly common to take a look at an organization’s culture... (continued)

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Nonprofit Staffing Strategies: 3 Steps to HIring, Seperations, and Staff Development

Preoccupied with mission advancement objectives, along with budget-stretching plans, nonprofits often handicap themselves by neglecting their staffing strategies.

With regard to hiring, staffing shifts, and internal development, efficient methods can help you better identify... (continued)

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Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring with Activity-Based Assessments

Wed, Jun 04, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Hiring the wrong person for a job is frustrating and costly. How do you make sure that what you see in the interview process is what you get when the person actually comes to work? How do you make sure that a candidate can actually deliver on their promises?

An **activity-based... (continued)

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Sample Board Member Application

Whether you are recruiting for an advisory board or a board of directors, it makes sense to have an application as part of a larger recruitment process. Board service is an important responsibility; protect and lead the mission by using best practices in board recruitment. This sample application can be... (continued)


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Tips and Tools for Creating Transformational Teams

Wed, May 21, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

The role of a leader is critical to the success of an organization. We all have the capacity to empower others through our own personal growth and development. Learn more about creating a culture of authenticity and reflection that can contribute to your team's ability to make a difference.

Please note that only audio is available for this webinar.

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Building a Fundraising Board

Wed, May 07, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Does your board refuse to accept their fundraising responsibility? Are they willing but not educated/trained in fundraising? Does the board lack enthusiasm for fundraising? Have you wondered if it is time for an extreme makeover of your board?

If so, this webinar is for you. In this session, we will discuss the role... (continued)


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Case Studies in Economic Development

This white paper examines characteristics of unconventional approaches undertaken by communities as a way to combat slowed economic growth after 2008.

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Nonprofit Boards Best When Balanced

A brief article on the wisdom of selecting Board members who meet the needs of the nonprofit rather than selecting only the wealthy.

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Give Boards A Helping Hand

I’ve been addressing board issues and needs in my recent blogs. It’s not that the board is the only entity that matters in an organization. But board performance is pivotal and can make or undermine an organization. As I’ve also disclosed before, I’m a board member of a Hudson Valley nonprofit, and from that perspective I understand the... (continued)

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10 Minute Board Exercise - Board Officer Succession Planning

The purpose of this exercise is to help your board jumpstart its thinking about future leadership needs. Before the board finds itself wishing and hoping for someone capable to fill critical roles, use this activity to plan ahead.

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Taking the Pain Out of Consensus-Building in Virtual Meetings

Taking the Pain Out of Consensus-Building in Virtual Meetings

"I assume that everyone is good with this proposal, since I don't hear anyone opposed, right? Okay, next topic!"
Ah, but if this project manager could only see the body language of the people sitting around that virtual table, she... (continued)

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Strengthening the Next Generation

A dynamic eight-month experience for the next generation of nonprofit leaders in the metro Richmond area. Presented by: Susan Brock Wilkes, Ph.D., Wilkes Consulting, Ann Deaton, Ph.D., The Bounce Collective, and Rachel Douglas, Nonprofit Learning Point (nonprofitlearningpoint.org)

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Seeking interns for Winter and Spring Terms

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATES is a consulting firm (registered B Corp)
providing business driven ‘triple bottom line’ results – generating financial, social,
and environmental returns. We enable for- and non-profit entrepreneurs, both in
the U.S. and around the world, to put ideas into action. Our core activities are... (continued)


Susan J Ragusa

My consulting work in the nonprofit world keeps me on the move as an authentic participant and candid advisor to clients. These experiences enable me to bring firsthand knowledge, fresh thinking and focused energy to every project.
I take a wide-angle lens to clients’ challenges. My solutions are grounded in the realities of what works and what’s required for... (continued)

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