7 steps to becoming a professional iOS developer

Mobile is on its way to dominating the tech market, there's no doubt about it. Companies are looking for mobile programmers all the time. Want to make the most out of a programming career? Become an iOS developer.

Here are seven steps to help you tap into the potential of this immensely popular sector for... (continued)

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Committee Vacancies by New Mothers Support Group Singapore

Anyone interested in becoming more involved in the NMSG group is more than welcome. The many roles all take time and as a mum there are often not many hours free! So the more people on the Committee, the more there are to share the roles and hours required.
... (continued)

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Share the Love: Using Social Media to Show Gratitude

Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Did you know that 53% of donors lapse because of poor donor communication? Though social media usage has become pervasive among nonprofits, it is still used primarily for promotion. Those organizations who are utilizing networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show authentic and personalized appreciation... (continued)


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Online Security: Which? Files Supercomplaint Against Banks Over Transfer Fraud

Banks may face formal inquiry into whether they can refuse to reimburse victims conned into transferring money into fraudsters’ accounts

UK banks should do more to protect customers tricked into... (continued)

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Online Security: Fighting Online Fraud Through eDNA

Long ago, a cartoon ran in The New Yorker, showing a canine seated at a desktop computer. “On the internet,” ran the caption, “nobody knows you’re a dog.”

The same premise holds true today and poses a knotty question in online commerce and FinTech: How do you know the person on the other end of a transaction... (continued)

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Review: The impact of Information Technology (IT) on modern society

Everything happened in Information Technology (IT) was truly amazing and its developments throughout the decades were really unexpected but incredible at the same time. Its benefits in every sector of the society are unparalleled; no wonder each of them now depends on IT. From the introduction of... (continued)

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Review: Internet Technology (IT) and the infinite possibilities it holds

We say infinite because Information Technology is like the universe because it has no limits and its possibilities are endless. We can't conclude that its creations are only limited to today's machinery and gadgets. Its future holds more developments, more opportunities and more benefits for the... (continued)

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Why Using a Public Wi-Fi Network Can Be Dangerous

Consumers can access Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere today, from coffee shops and hotels to airports and stores. Logging into the web with your mobile device in public places is easier than ever. But this free access comes at a price. Sure, Wi-Fi hotspots are convenient, but they also provide a way for cybercriminals to... (continued)

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Frank Owens Limited Advisory Services Tokyo Japan on Terms and Conditions of Use

Please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions of Use ("Terms of Use") before using this website ("Site"). By using this Site, you agree to follow and... (continued)

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Moss Adams Business Consultants: Sustainability Audits

Whether an internal goal or the result of customer demand, sustainability initiatives are changing the business landscape. We'll help you document your efforts and uncover valuable related incentives.


Expectations are changing. Are you changing with them?

Corporate... (continued)

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Moss Adams: Fraud Investigation and Forensic Accounting

We'll show you where to look for abnormal activity, what to document, and how to proceed—plus reduce the risk of fraud occurring in the first place.


If you discover fraud or questionable activity in your business, you must act fast. Otherwise, you could lose a large percentage... (continued)

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Information technology is a major investment for every organization. Are you making the most of it? Doing so requires not only selecting the right systems and software but also... (continued)

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Haws Corporation Tempered Water Nevada USA, Singapore - These 5 Emergency Equipment FAQ’s Can Keep You Out of Trouble

1. How do you determine if you need a safety shower versus just an eye/face wash?

It depends on what the potential hazard is. We advocate that an eye/face wash should be the requirement over an eyewash as it is rare... (continued)

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Haws Corporation tempered water Nevada USA, Singapore: Privacy Policy

In the normal course of business, the Haws Corporation receives information from customers and others with whom we communicate. These communications can be on a wide variety of levels, including... (continued)

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Buy iPhone 7 India | iPhone 7 Plus India (0 items)

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus do much worse than predecessors
Home > News > Smartphones
We see that you are using a AdBlocker that allows us to display ads. We find this a little bit unfortunate, because All About Phones is thanks to these ads free for you! Would you perhaps like to make an exception to our website?

Find out... (continued)


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Fraud Labs Pro Fraud Detection and Fraud Detection Solutions: What is ISP usage type validation?

From an IP address, you can find out where the IP address is coming from, whether it's from a fixed line, a mobile line, a military IP and so on. This is what we referred as [ISP usage type in our fraud verification... (continued)

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Datasparc Inc.

Datasparc's team consists of exceptionally skilled individuals who are passionate about delivering success to customers with years of experience in java, enterprise software development, data management, BI, and consulting.

Datasparc's goal is to be a leader in the database development and reporting software market, through providing innovative, easy to use... (continued)

Fraud Labs Pro - Fraud Detection Solutions: How to identify credit card fraud?


In this tutorial, we would like to share with merchants some common techniques to pinpoint red flags of credit card frauds. Our goal is to cut down all frauds and chargebacks.

John is an online... (continued)

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Heimdal Online Security - 15 Steps to Maximize your Financial Data Protection

We use computers to pay bills, shop online, chat and even keep in touch with friends on social media platforms. You might not realize it, but this makes us vulnerable.

Because we willingly broadcast over the Internet valuable details, such as our credit card information or bank account... (continued)

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Heimdal Online Security: Top 10 Most Dangerous Financial Malware

Heimdal Online Security: Top 10 Most Dangerous Financial Malware

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Malware That Can Empty Your Bank Account [Updated]

At the beginning of June 2014, a large... (continued)

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Heimdal Online Security: 17 Online Shopping Security Tips to Protect Your Money

Would you like some online shopping security tips to keep your purchase secure?

The times when you had to go to the shop to buy every little thing are long gone. Now, we simply go online, find what we need, compare prices and we buy! It couldn’t... (continued)

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Southbourne Group Singapore, Tokyo Japan: Terms & Conditions

Your use of our Website

We hope that your visit to Southbourne Group is pleasant and beneficial to you. We also hope that you will visit once again more often and avail of our various services. The information published on this site is furnished for informational purposes only. All information and... (continued)

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Heimdal Online Security - Weekly Security Roundup #53: There’s a Scam for That

It’s been a tumultuous week for cyber security professionals. Between a large array of scams and the TalkTalk breach, the same key subjects are touched on again and again:

• password security
• software patching
• cyber security education,... [(continued)](/luiesen-andersen/heimdal-online-security-weekly-security-roundup-53-there-s-a-scam-for-that)

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Pro Axia Consultants Business Consulting Group in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan: The innovative partnership between SAP and Apple

State-of-the-art developments and improved business value await the modern society because of Apple/SAP partnership. Combining Apple's renowned user experience with SAP's unparalleled end-to-end business process and software will surely... (continued)

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