South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Medical Conditions your Pet may Acquire


Pets are like humans, they are also susceptible to sickness, infections and health issues. Since they could not express how they feel, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to assess any changes in their body and behavior that may indicate... (continued)

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Online Security - Police and council push online safety message

Residents are being reminded about the importance of online safety as part of a special event involving Warwickshire County Council and Warwickshire Police.

Organizations across the... (continued)

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South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Providing the Best Possible Care

When you decided to bring a pet in your life, keep in mind that you are responsible from that day forward for his nutrition, safety, health and well-being. It is an obligation that comes with owning a pet. To ensure their healthy life, you should provide them the [best animal... (continued)

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Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: Have your car checked often

Do you want to maintain the good condition of your car? Then you must have the basic knowledge of its maintenance and repair. It’s also advisable to make it your priority to guarantee the safety of your own as well as your family. **[Tyre&Auto Southbourne... (continued)

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5 Reasons to Start a Career in Community Services

There are tons of ways to break into community service work – you can assist people with disabilities, help troubled youth, become a social worker, help prevent the abuse of drugs and alcohol, and even work in community development. If your heart is truly in your work, you’ll be great at what you do no matter how you... (continued)

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Get Prepared: How to Safeguard your Small Business against Cyberattacks

Every business that uses a computer, email, software and the internet on a daily basis should establish computer security to protect their business on threats from cybercriminals. In most cases, small business are an appealing target for cybercriminals due to their lack of resources in... (continued)

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The Role of Staff and Volunteer Leadership in the Development Process

Wed, Feb 01, 2017 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Presented by Abigail Harmon and David A. Mersky

Successful fundraising requires a unique combination of professional and volunteer leadership. Your organization may have the people who can fundraise for your annual fund (or a capital campaign). This webinar is designed to help your staff... (continued)

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Online Security: Dumb WhatsApp Scam Spreads Malware - Beware

Dumb WhatsApp Scam Spreads Malware, Touting 'Free Internet' Without Wi-Fi: Beware

A pretty dumb WhatsApp scam is making rounds in chain mail form, promising "free internet" without Wi-Fi on an... (continued)

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Cyber Security: Healthcare Industry Vulnerabilities Give Rise to Cyber Crime

In November, at least 35 healthcare facilities in the U.S., U.K. and Canada were targeted by cybercriminals executing Business Email Compromise (BEC) campaigns. The organizations, which included hospitals, specialty care providers, walk-in clinics and pharmaceutical companies, were defrauded... (continued)

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Assets Audits of the Asquith group Asia, Tokyo Japan

Investment Audits

In today’s dynamic and fast-changing world, people need to become more concerned about how to handle their private finances and plan for the future of their estate. The Asquith Group will devote sufficient time to apprehend your personal and estate’s present retirement finances and help... (continued)

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Online Fraud Detection: Nobody seems to know what Rudy Giuliani's cybersecurity firm actually does.

Rudy Giuliani has been tapped to "lend expertise" and to advise the Trump administration on cybersecurity.

The former New York mayor "will be sharing his expertise and insight as a trusted friend concerning private sector cybersecurity problems and emerging solutions... (continued)

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Online Fraud Detection: Blockchain Can Be a Powerful Tool for Indian Businesses

Blockchain technology was developed to reinforce digital currency bitcoin, and is considered the most efficient technology against cyber fraud that allows... (continued)

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Oakmere Wealth Management Advisors - Business Support

As a Member of the St. James's Place Partnership, we have access to a number of key individuals within the St. James's Place Wealth Management Group, including those on this page, who play an important role in providing support to Oakmere Wealth Management... (continued)

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Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: Why do different car parts need regular check-ups?

A proper maintenance and regular check-ups are needed for different car parts to ensure that your car will maintain its best condition and performance. To further explain this thought,... (continued)

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Jay Wilkinson

Jay Wilkinson has been actively involved in the nonprofit community his entire life. He sits on the board of several nonprofits and is an avid supporter of programs that provide leadership and enrichment programs for America’s youth. As a philanthropist, Jay has raised millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations. As an educator, he has trained thousands of... (continued)

Preventing Fraud - What Would a World Without Insurance Look Like?

It’s easy to feel like there’s no benefit to buying insurance unless you file a claim.

Yet a look into what the world would look like without insurance proves otherwise.... (continued)

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#IMCUS: Attracting the New Cyber Security Specialist Takes Soft Skills

We’ve all heard about the skills shortage in IT security—and it is a very real problem, even though companies have become more creative in how they attract talent. But there’s more to consider: Retaining the talent, once acquired, should also be a keen focus... (continued)

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Oakmere Wealth Management Advisors Team

Jacky Roberts, Practice Manager

After a varied background in Manufacturing I have finally settled on a career in Financial Services. When I first came to Oakmere Wealth Management it was clear that the company was a fun and dynamic place to work and I was delighted to join the team. My own strengths are liaising with our... (continued)

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Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: The perks of getting the services of a trustworthy car servicing company

There are a lot of benefits an individual could get by hiring a dedicated car servicing company since it could meet all your car maintenance and repair needs. From the time you got your own car, you must choose a company that you will trust for a long... (continued)

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Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: Understanding the importance of regular car maintenance

Ostensibly, most car owners these days were meticulous in taking care of their own cars. They always keep the safety standards of their car as well as making sure that it is in perfect running condition. And included in owning a car is the responsibility of ensuring... (continued)

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SC Advisors Real Estate - COMMUNITY VENUES


The Orlando Community Venues Master Plan is regarded as one of the nation’s most successful public-private ventures, and SC Advisors has played a key role in its development and outcome.

In... (continued)

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CRIB Advisors Mentors Singapore - Team

Elaine Woon

Elaine is our CRIB Operations Director. She brings to the team business development and marketing communications experience in the financial services industry in addition to her six years’ stint in the non-profit... (continued)

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Frank Owens, Ltd. Home building Review: Experience the utmost comfort of having your own home

Let us go first to the definition of home building, or housing, industry. It is defined to as the development, construction, and sale of homes. And homes play an important part in our lives for it provides us the comfort and shelter we need to survive our everyday lives. It... (continued)

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Southbourne Surf Group: Heroes at Young Age

Doctors, police officers and firefighters are regarded as some of the most meaningful and vital jobs in our society for the reason that they have the opportunity to protect and save a life. But when it comes to saving lives, we often overlook the worth of a lifesavers’ job. Many people are under the impression that... (continued)

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Southbourne Surf Group: Breaking the Stereotype



Let’s be honest, think of a lifesaver in the beach and you would easily fall into the trap of a stereotype. A young individual with a well-tanned muscular body sitting in the sunshine wearing a shade and drinking lemonade... (continued)

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The Downtown Sports & Entertainment District is a planned development to be located on the block to the north of Amway Center. Plans for the estimated $200... (continued)

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