Lexus Group Consultancy in Tokyo, Japan on Withdrawing Income in Retirement

While we use up much of our employment income toward paying for our retirement accounts, we rarely consider what we need to do when taking it out in retirement. For example, if you have pre-tax, Roth, and taxable accounts, how much money should you take out from each account? Consider... (continued)

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Online Fraud Detection, Cyber Security: Cerber Surpasses Locky to Become Dominant Ransomware Menace

Ransomware-as-a-Service is a hit with the tech illiterate

Cerber eclipsed Locky as the most common ransomware pathogen doing the rounds in the first three months of 2017.

Cerber's control of the... (continued)

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Security and Risk Complaints Online on Machine vs. machine battle has begun to de-fraud the internet of lies

Standards help, too, as we fight to ensure the cost of sharing doesn't outweigh the benefits

A long-ago cartoon in The New Yorker put it plainly: "On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog." If that cartoon had been written today, the caption might have... (continued)

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Venture Capital of Westward Holdings Professional Advisors Tokyo Japan

Funding of venture capital provides a major push for the potential growth of your business.

Nevertheless, although it may provide a viable source of financing for your company, it may not be always appropriate in all cases. But should a company genuinely... (continued)

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Jakarta Capital Indonesia Travel Review: A Travel Guide To The Thriving Capital of Indonesia

Jakarta, with its traffic-plagued streets, high-rise buildings and persistent blanket of smog, may at first seem like a not-so interesting destination that can easily confuse and confound Pinoy travelers. But beneath its unappealing façade and rough surface, you will find a... (continued)

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Connected to India

Connected to India is an online media company focussed on covering news around Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and people of Indian origin worldwide. We write about the social, economic, medical, philanthropic, political, entrepreneurial and other impact people of Indian origin are making in the countries of their residence, outside of India. Currently, we are... (continued)

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Fuel Yourself to Fulfill your Mission: Self-Care Tips for Social Impact Leaders

Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

You can’t serve others unless you take care of yourself. That's why the airlines advise you to put on your oxygen mask first before helping others. With so much at stake for your clients, for your organization, for your cause— it can be easy to overlook your needs! Yet, the constant... (continued)


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Mind Mingles is one of the leading Digital Marketing Company in India. We provide best quality service to our clients and customers and want to provide them with the best internet marketing solutions. We offer affordable app marketing packages. We provide complete assistance with their local business SEO.
We want the relationship with our customers to remain... (continued)

Archbishop Molloy High School

At, Archbishop Molloy High School we fosters an exemplary education in mind, body and spirit for a diverse college bound population. Our goal is to offers a unique, challenging and comprehensive program of instruction, guidance and activities so that every individuals recognize their own self-worth and develop a lifetime of Christian... (continued)

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India’s best IT company that offers IT services like website designing, web development, software development, mobile app development, SEO, SMO and many more at affordable prices.

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From Money Pit to Moneymaker: The Nonprofit Executive Guide to Earned Revenue

Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

If you’re tired of waiting around for grants to be rubber-stamped or nervous that new competitors are moving in on your donors, you may be wondering how you’ll ever achieve financial sustainability.

With traditional sources threatened or uncertain, now... (continued)


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Spark Energy Corporation Review about Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Commitment

At Spark Energy, your privacy is important to us. We care about our customers and are committed to protecting their privacy. This Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) describes the... (continued)

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Spark Energy Corporation Review - Sales Agents

Our Door-to-Door Program: What to Expect From Sales Representatives

One of the ways we connect with customers is by using door-to-door sales representatives. If you see an agent in your neighborhood, he or she will... (continued)

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Supporters, Networks And Cliques.

If you like this presentation please visit COMM-Giving for more (

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COMM-Giving offers a range of free tips and presentations to help charities and NGOs fine-tune their social-media and on-line marketing strategy so that it’s always fresh.


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Spark Energy Corporation Review - Consumer Alert New York State

It has come to our attention that Spark Energy’s brand is being misrepresented, and consumers in New York state are receiving calls from a third party (or parties) that are not authorized agents of our company. We take our company brand and... (continued)

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South Bellmore Veterinary Group: A Long-term Responsibility


Keeping a pet at home is a long-term commitment with huge responsibilities. Here are several factors regarding pet health care that you must know.

Proper nutrition and regular exercise

In providing food, make sure to give the right amount of nutrition your... (continued)

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Galveston Financial Capital: Government Procurement


1.What does the government buy?
2.Does the government always award the contract to the low bidder?
3.Does the government pay on time?
4.Do I need to be on a GSA schedule in order to do business with the government?
5.Do I need to be certified in order to bid on government contracts?
6.What... (continued)

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Asquith Realty Group - Achieve the Home of your Dreams with Asquith Rise

Are you planning to have a nice home in Sydney’s North Shore? You shouldn’t look further because you have Asquith Rise. A beautiful ambiance around the place awaits you and satisfying your needs to live a happy and healthy life every day is very possible, no matter if you’re living alone or with... (continued)

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Galveston Financial Capital: Starting Your Business


  1. What basic skills do I need to run a business?
  2. What business should I choose?
  3. What do I need to start my business?
  4. How long will it take to start a small business?
  5. How can I get my business certified as minority or women owned?
  6. What insurance should I have?
  7. Do I need... (continued)

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Asquith Realty Group Review - Expect a Perfectly Balanced Life

Having known Asquith Rise for quite some time, many people already consider it as a place that owns pleasant residences. It doesn’t matter if you’re living alone or with your family, this place offers almost everyone’s needs to achieve a perfect balance between life, work, and play. You can also be certain of... (continued)

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Sparks Fraud- Warning about Phone Scams

What you need to know

Scammers have been calling our customers and pretending to be from Spark, in an attempt to gain personal details and then scam money from our customers.

The most important thing to know is Spark will never call you out of the blue and... (continued)


Asquith Realty Group Review - Build a Strong Neighbor Relationship

Asquith realty group finds it important that each of us should discover the significance of developing a community spirit that can enrich those who participate in it. Knowing your neighbors and building strong relationships with them provides good benefits and discussed in the following paragraphs are... (continued)

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Personal Finance: Widespread Elder Fraud Sparks Responses

In 2006, on a visit to his grandmother, Philip Marshall encountered a harrowing scene: He found his grandmother, the philanthropist and socialite Brooke Astor, living in cold, dirty conditions and isolated from her friends by her son — Philip's father — Anthony Marshall.

Anthony, he felt, had been... (continued)


Galveston Financial Capital: Meet Our Staff

The Galveston Small Business Development Center Staff


Doug Baumann
Doug Baumann joined the Texas Gulf Coast SBDC Network as Retail Business Advisor in 2009. Doug has 25 years of experience managing both big box national... (continued)

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The Southbourne Tax Group: How To Recognize the Signs of Tax Identity Theft

Tax filing season is upon us. Soon you will be filing your paperwork and perhaps receiving a nice check — unless thieves file a return in your name first and falsely claim your refund.

Unfortunately, if a thief has your Social Security number and other relevant information, **[tax identity... (continued)

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Online Security Review Steps to Protect Yourself from Tax Identity Fraud

By William F. Whelan, guest columnist and Senior VP, Branch/Government Banking, Capital Bank.

As the 2017 tax season gets underway, Capital Bank of New Jersey is urging all customers to take extra precaution when filing their return to prevent their exposure to tax fraud.

“Fraudsters are... (continued)

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Online Fraud Detection: SMS verification codes at risk of fraud

People’s use of authentication codes to regain access to their online accounts can be exploited by criminals. Researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi have released a study of how such attacks work and the ways to prevent them.

The proliferation of online services for banking, social media,... (continued)

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