State Your Case — Create Advocacy Messages That Get Results

Wed, Dec 02, 2015 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

What will happen the next time you have the opportunity to connect with an elected official or other potential sponsor? Imagine that s/he is standing in front of you, curious and asks: "How can I help?" What will you say?

To create lasting and sustainable change, you need strong advocacy and... (continued)

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Lawrence Grodeska

Lawrence Grodeska is a Senior Product Manager at Accela, where he builds apps that are transforming how citizens interact with their communities and local governments. Prior to Accela, Lawrence built the content marketing program at the world’s platform for change,, and released the City and County of San Francisco‘s first mobile app which helped to... (continued)

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Stephanie Grams

Experienced nonprofit assistant program director currently attending DeVry University online Bachelor's Degree Technical Management degree. Seeking full-time nonprofit director position in Ohio. Could your nonprofit benefit from hiring an experienced professional with passion, heart, and knowledge?

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Advocacy and Lobbying: The Rules of the Road for Nonprofits

Wed, Apr 09, 2014 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Involvement in public policy issues is a must for many nonprofits working to effectively implement their missions. But many nonprofits incorrectly believe that they are not permitted to lobby or that the rules are so complex that it is safer to just avoid it. In this webinar, we will show how the lobbying rules that apply to nonprofits can... (continued)

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Children’s Christmas Party

Started 2015-12-12T03:00:00ZSaturday, December 12, 2015 at 03:00AM UTC, lasted for about 12 hours

This is the yearly highlight for our orphans and vulnerable children. It is a day dedicated to them to ensure they have a lot of fun and excitement running around and playing on the jumping castles. Each child gets present from Father Christmas, lots of sweets, cakes and nice goodies as well as a nice nutritious meals.... (continued)


Pathways to Housing Website

Pathways to Housing is a housing first model that places participants in private apartments scattered throughout the community and then provides access to social services and health care. Participants are not required, however, to access these services. They are only required to meet with Pathways employees twice a month.

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Community Organizers Handbook

This handbook is the one-stop-shop for tips, tricks and how-tos for organizing local communities. It is a dedicated space for organizers to share back what they learn, ideas they have, and experiences that can help make other groups and other events even better. Pages include overviews, case studies from organizers in the field, and available... (continued)

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Achieving the Promise: Transforming Mental Health Care in America

The New Freedom Commission on Mental Health's report lists successful programs from around the nation in promoting recovery and providing serves to individuals with mental disorders. It also provides recommendations for steps that can be taken at national, state and local levels to improve mental health services and supports for people of... (continued)

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Advocacy Project: Alliance for Background Checks in Youth Sports

The Alliance for Background Checks in Youth Sports is a coalition of individuals, organizations, government agencies, and community businesses who advocate on the behalf of our communities’ youth and sports programs. ABC Youth Sports asked California State Legislature to join the ranks of other states... (continued)

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Government and Politics Watch

Read the latest news on national policy and government issues from The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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Advocacy Evaluation Update Newsletter

Back issues of Advocacy Evaluation Update, a newsletter for people who are working to influence decision makers, and looking for a way to measure their success.

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EXBROOK Editorial : Design : Strategy

EXBROOK is a San Francisco design studio that partners with entrepenurial, social, and cultural organizations to communicate ideas, build brands, and innovate services. For non-profits we advise on communication strategy, public identity, and the use of editorial design to shape public perception and mobilize people into action.

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Communications Consortium Media Center

CCMC is a public interest media center dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations use media and new telecommunications technologies as tools for public education and policy change. The firm offers communication and dissemination strategies, media training, message development, crisis management and skills development.... (continued)

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Radiant Communications, Inc.

Radiant is a small, Washington-based public-interest communications firm. It serves nonprofits and foundations and specializes in audience research and message development, media relations, communications evaluation, and communications training programs and workshops.

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Web site staffed entirely by professional journalists as a resource for those interested in state government. It provides timely tips and research material on state policy innovations and trends, providing more informative and useful information to consumers. Readership has grown far beyond our original target audience and now includes thousands of... (continued)

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Lipman Hearne

The firm provides comprehensive communications services with a focus on nonprofit clients. It offers services in advertising and direct mail, branding and consulting, fundraising communications, graphic identities, market research and planning, media and public relations, publications, Web sites and interactive media.

The firm provides... (continued)

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Organizers Database (ODB)

ODB was made available for public download in March 2002 to give grassroots organizations the ability to immediately start using a high-quality database product. It was created by Organizers' Collaborative (OC), a non-profit organization which pools funds and time of donors and volunteers to give back free software and technical... (continued)

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Advocacy 2.0 Guide: Tools for Digital Advocacy

The Advocacy 2.0 Guide (Tools for Digital Advocacy) describes some of the best techniques and tools that digital activists - and others who wish to learn from this subject - can use as part of their online advocacy campaigns. While our previous guide (Blog for a Cause!) focused on the effective use of blogs as an... (continued)

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No-Brainers on Public Speaking

Video demonstrating how to organize ideas, analyze an audience, communicate at clear message, and make use of supportive materials and technology.

Video demonstrating how to organize ideas, analyze an audience, communicate at clear message, and make use of supportive materials and... (continued)

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Center for International Media Action (CIMA)

This website is designed as an information-exchange and networking center for people and organizations who are challenging the corporate-driven media through activism, education, research, organizing and policy advocacy. It supports efforts to forge policies and infrastructures that allow people to communicate within and beyond their communities.

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Advocacy Institute

For over 20 years, the Advocacy Institute has helped social justice leaders in the U.S. and abroad work more effectively for change through training in advocacy skills, networking with other activists, and one-on-one coaching.

For over 20 years, the Advocacy Institute has helped social justice leaders in the U.S. and abroad work more... (continued)

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DataCenter: Research for Justice

Data Center collaborates with social justice campaigns and grassroots networks, providing research, analysis and training that informs campaign strategy and action.

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Global Voices Advocacy Online

Global Voices Advocacy is a project of Global Voices Online. We seek to build a global anti-censorship network of bloggers and online activists throughout the developing world that is dedicated to protecting freedom of expression and free access to information online. Global Voices Advocacy publishes daily news updates on freedom... (continued)

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Using Strategic Communications to Support Families

Article providing comprehensive information on improving advocacy communications. It includes tools to prepare media plans, press releases and press conferences.

Article providing comprehensive information on improving advocacy communications. It includes tools to prepare media plans, press releases and... (continued)

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