The Workplace Diversity Network

A learning community of diversity professionals who come from a variety of work sectors to explore emerging questions of workplace diversity and inclusion. We come together in small group forums for substantive dialogue, information sharing, research and scholarship.

A learning community of diversity professionals who come... (continued)

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UnitedHealthcare® / VolunteerMatch Do Good Live Well Study

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) is dedicated to supporting volunteerism and the role it plays in leading a healthier life. In order to educate the public about volunteering and its associated benefits, the company commissioned Ogilvy PR to develop a survey to gather insights on the power of volunteering on personal... (continued)

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Benefits Check Up helps thousands every day to find programs for people ages 55 and over that may pay for some of their costs of prescription drugs, health care, utilities, and other essential items or services. It contains over 1,300 different programs from all fifty states (including the District of Columbia). On average there are 50 to 70... (continued)

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Independent Living Institute

The Institute's purpose is to promote the opportunities of persons with disabilities to gain more personal and political power, self-determination, full participation and equality through information, training materials, consultancy and technical assistance. The Institute works in cooperation with other organizations which support... (continued)

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Background: Our team includes HR, training and OD professionals with nonprofit, business and corporate backgrounds. We provide pro-bono services to our clients.HR4NON-PROFITS is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We provide training and human resources strategies, solutions and services to nonprofit organizations throughout the US. We admire and appreciate... (continued)

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MNA Wage and Benefit Survey Report

2008 Nonprofit Wage and Benefit Survey Report for Montana nonprofits

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National Safety Council

To educate and influence society to adopt safety, health and environmental policies, practices and procedures that prevent and mitigate human suffering and economic losses arising from preventable causes.

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Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL)

For more than three decades, CQL has been at the forefront of the movement to improve the quality of services and supports for people with intellectual disabilities and people with mental illness. We began with the fundamental belief that everyone has a right to a life of dignity, opportunity and community inclusion. Our... (continued)

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A principal online destination for people interested in dismantling bigotry and creating, in hate's stead, communities that value diversity. If you want to know how to transform yourself and your workplace is a place to start — and continue — the journey.

A principal online destination for people interested in dismantling bigotry... (continued)

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Workplace Safety Toolkit

Find help with a particular area, such as ladders, transportation or food service. Set up a workplace safety program. Print out sample forms. Lots of links to detailed information on special topics, such as bloodborne pathogens, AEDs, and workplace stress.

Find help with a particular area, such as ladders, transportation or food... (continued)

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