The Ultimate, Definitive, Official List of Foundations That Blog

My search through the Foundation Center’s list of the 100 largest foundations (by assets) uncovered 15 that are blogging. Not exactly an overwhelming number, but it is a number that is growing. Seems like there might be a need for a central database so that people can learn from the current... (continued)

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Nonprofit Blogging "Get Started" Workbook + Resources Guide

Why you should get this Guide

If you don’t have a blog yet, you should get one. Pronto! Yup, I think they’re that important for nonprofits in today’s market place..

I truly want you to do this, and I don’t want it to kill you. So I’m going to give you some easy steps you can take to make your blog (1) doable, and (2) a... (continued)


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Mazarine Treyz

Author of two five-star rated books (rated by, Get the Job, Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide, and The Wild Woman's Guide to Social Media. Also authored The Wild Woman's Guide to Fundraising. Popular website,, gets 40,000 monthly visitors.

Coaches small nonprofits in how to fundraise and communicate more... (continued)

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How to Write a Great Blog with Amazing Content for Your Non-Profit

Why you should get this Guide

You’ll learn how to boost awareness of your cause, find new constituents, learn more about your current supporters and build engaging relationships with folks who can take your nonprofit to the next level.

**Blogging will make it easy for you to take... (continued)


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How to Promote Your Blog to Build Your Reputation and Supporter Base**

Why you should get this Guide

One of the key reasons you need a blog is to create a hub for fresh, remarkable content that will drive folks to you – like bees to honey.

Another key reason is to take advantage of the interactive nature of blogs – the way they offer a natural means for... (continued)


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A mother of two. A blogger with IT experience and background. A terrible cook.

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Renata J. Maslowski

Well-written, creditable pieces are a result a thorough research. Finding excellent references and pulling together divergent content into a fresh story. That is the mission of OWLS for Science, Inc.

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5 Social Media Strategies to Transform Your Nonprofit

Go beyond the "like" and use these resources shared on 4Good to give your nonprofit a boost in the digital era.

1. Try a new social network. You don't need to be on every social network, but it's helpful to experiment with different sites to see which work best for your mission and audience.... (continued)

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Jason Daszkewicz

Jason is a web development professional with hobbies of innovative and technical writing. Currently, he works for WordSuccor Ltd., providing WordPress Services to global clients and have successfully delivered many top-grade projects related to it. He has been actively writing blogs and articles about technical stuff.

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Why you should get this Guide

If you don’t have a blog yet, you should get one. Pronto! Yup, I think they’re that important for nonprofits in today’s market place..

I truly want you to do this, and I don’t want it to kill you. So I’m going to give you some easy... (continued)


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Blogging 101

This simple guide will show you the 4 key steps you need to take to have a successful blog. Each of these steps were critical for the success of Pushing Social and are currently fueling the growth of nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Blogging 101 is a quick read and filled with actionable tips you can use today.

The Sharing Entity offering... (continued)


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Sample of Charity Blogging Gold e-course

Would you like to know which stories resonate most with your donors?

Would you like to have an endless grab bag of stories for your enewsletter, annual report, and appeal letters?

Would you love to practice your writing until it's as compelling as possible for your cause?

Then creating a blog for your nonprofit... (continued)

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