Colette Ellis

I’m an author, coach and public speaker on mindfulness, motivation, and workplace stress. As founder of InStep Consulting, I have traveled the globe facilitating personal growth and professional training for leaders from countries including Australia, Botswana, Bulgaria, Chile, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, and Vietnam. Clients transform their lives and realize... (continued)

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Tom Morley

You need to deliver on your mission... and keep delivering, over and over. You need to operate at an affordable, sustainable cost. If you can save, you can re-invest, and if you can generate more, you can accomplish more. It's more than possible through "creative integration" - understanding how the elements of your organization interact, and optimizing them for... (continued)

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Achieving Buy-In for Your Volunteer Program

Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

What’s the most common complaint among volunteer managers? It’s that others are slow to embrace the enormous potential of volunteers to advance a program's mission.

In an ideal world, your nonprofit's staff would know how to supervise volunteers and create new and purposeful... (continued)

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Jill Friedman Fixler

Jill Friedman Fixler is a nationally known leader recognized for her innovative approaches to re-inventing, re-engineering, and re-vitalizing nonprofit and public sector organizations. She combines her skills as a trainer, facilitator, public speaker, and coach to promote excellence in volunteer engagement, strategic planning, and board and organizational... (continued)

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Benchmark Against Leading Practice: Bundle of 6 Checklists

Because many organizations are interested in multi-faceted evaluations, this bundle of 5 key capacity assessment tools is intended to save you time and money (compared with acquiring checklists individually). This package includes exactly the same information as in the individual checklists we have shared on... (continued)


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Basic Volunteer Engagement Training

Points of Light believes in building the capacity of the nonprofit and government sector to effectively engage volunteers and to help us achieve that goal we are developing six basic volunteer engagement courses. The first course: Understanding Volunteering Exploring the Heart of the #volunteer... (continued)

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The Abundant Not-for-Profit e-book: How Talent (Not Money) Will Transform Your Organization

Want to accomplish more as a not-for-profit leader?

If so, we wrote this book for you!

A decade in the making, The Abundant Not-for-Profit offers a transformational approach to not-for-profit leadership.
It’s time for the not-for-profit sector to replace scarcity... (continued)


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An electronic networking resource for nongovernmental organizations in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, is administered by Freedom House Budapest under the Regional Networking Project. The Regional Networking Project encourages cross-border cooperation and communication between Central and East European NGOs,... (continued)

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Nonprofit FAQ: General Considerations

Items of information and advice are included in this online resource. The items come from discussions on email lists, in UseNet, and other sources.

Items of information and advice are included in this online resource. The items come from discussions on email lists, in UseNet, and other sources.

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Echoes From the Field: Proven Capacity-Building Principles for Nonprofits

This article provides nine principles that were devised in answer to the question of how technical assistance providers can best support grassroots organizations in the fulfillment of their mission. This study focuses on nonprofits working in the environment and social justice areas.

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National Council of Nonprofit Associations (NCNA)

A network of 39 state associations of nonprofits representing over 22,000 nonprofits in 35 states and the District of Columbia. The broad work of state associations strengthens local nonprofit communities by keeping them connected to national networks and the latest resources in the field. Its vision and that of... (continued)

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The NonProfit Times (NPT)

Published 24 times a year, is read by over 85,000 full time nonprofit executive management around the country. Each issue is packed with hard hitting and useful nonprofit news and business information on managing their organizations more effectively. Section on nonprofit jobs.

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Stanford Social Innovation Review

The mission at SSIR is to share substantive insights and practical experiences that will help those who work at improving society do it even better. Our contributors are a diverse group of faculty, thought-leaders, and executives. Our readers are leaders in the fields of nonprofit management, corporate social responsibility,... (continued)

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Nonprofit Expert

An index of nonprofit resources in many categories primarily based on amazon books in these categories and cross references to the Free Management Library index (making the latter a bit easier to navigate).

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The Nonprofit Good Practice Guide

The Nonprofit Good Practice Guide is a one-stop shop for widely-accepted and innovative nonprofit practices offering Preferred Practices and Pitfalls, Glossaries, Resources, Trends and Web site Profiles within ten topic areas. offers answers to virtually any question about managing nonprofits and... (continued)

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FIO PARTNERS ASSESSMENT TOOL: Management System Indicators: Complete Set

The purpose of this tool is to allow a group of organization members to examine aspects of the organization’s functioning in some depth and to guide that discussion to the Key Tasks and Indicators most relevant to its current needs. The tool is most useful as a contribution to the assessment of... (continued)


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2009 Community Clinic Leadership and Workforce Studies

These three reports provide a snapshot of the current leadership landscape a well as its implications, with the intent to stimulate discussion and action among community clinic and clinic consortia leaders, their partners, funders and other community clinic stakeholders. "Mission Critical" focused on current... (continued)

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Cultural Competence Monograph Series

This series came about as a result of the desire to promote learning and to strengthen effectiveness of both theorists and practitioners in the field of cultural competence and multicultural organizational development in health care. Produced by Compasspoint and supported by a grant from The California Endowment, these three... (continued)

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TouchStone for NonProfits (Monthly Subscription)

TouchStone is an affordable management tool that allows an organization to build the infrastructure, processes and control they need. With TouchStone, organizations can expect streamlined processes and elimination of redundancy, role clarity and accountability, enhanced ability to train new and existing staff... (continued)


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Center for Nonprofit Management in Southern California

The Center for Nonprofit Management in Southern California helps nonprofit organizations more effectively fulfill their missions by offering services such as job listings (Nonprofit Directions), workshops and seminars, consulting, publications such as the Compensation and Benefit Survey, a nonprofit resource library, and an e-newsletter.

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Thrive Alliance

Thrive is an organization that is transforming the quality of life in San Mateo County by:1) Fostering active partnerships between nonprofits, government and business., 2) Working for widespread recognition of nonprofits as high-value providers of the products and services that help the community... (continued)

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Capacity Building for Smaller Foundations: Making an Investment in Ourselves

For the past two decades American foundations have invested heavily in capacity building as a means to creating a more organized field of practice and infrastructure. This paper discusses how smaller foundations can leverage their financial and human capital to increase access to... (continued)

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The Nonprofit Community Resource Center

the Center for Community Research & Service provides information, training, and technical assistance to nonprofit and community-based organizations and to public agencies serving low- and moderate income families & communities. It houses a library of resources for community and economic development, nonprofit... (continued)

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with 4Good

An Assessment of Capacity Building in Washington State

Thu, Feb 02, 2012 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

This report provides a good overview and analysis of the capacity building landscape in Washington State.

It was prepared by –

The Giving Practice, a consultancy of Philanthropy Northwest
for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation , The Campion Foundation
Medina Foundation , M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust , The... (continued)

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Daniel Neel

Daniel Neel brings more than 28 years of professional fundraising and financial services experience, serving in executive leadership roles for the past 22 years. While providing counsel and direction to non-profit organizations across the US he has designed, directed and led fundraising programs that have significantly increased operational funding and provided over... (continued)

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Ignite 10NTC: IdeaEncore - Share that which you most need to learn

This presentation was delivered by Scott Bechtler-Levin at NTEN's NTC conference on April 8, 2010.. The key themes are the importance of sharing knowledge as a means to build the capacity of the field and avoid the high and hidden costs of knowledge hoarding. The barriers of Time, Turf and... (continued)

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