Business Management Essentials for Nonprofits: Further Your Mission by Tending to Your Business Needs

Wed, Mar 01, 2017 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

501(c)(3). It's a tax status, not a business plan. But are you prepared to run the business of your nonprofit? Do you know the insurance you need? How to manage the HR needs of your staff? How to choose and manage vendors for... (continued)


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Fundraising and Donor Management Software For Nonprofits Who Use QuickBooks
Automate your fundraising and keep your donor follow-ups all in one place. Reduce steps in processing donations and have each donor’s history at your fingertips - track emails, phone calls, event attendance, donation history and much more. Try it free.


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8 Reasons Your Non-profit Needs A Data Geek On Board

Data is one of the most valuable assets in a non-profit organization. However, many non-profits don’t know how to translate this raw data into usable business intelligence.

When it comes to making data work for your non-profit, it’s essential that you get the right person on the task. You wouldn’t call a... (continued)


Free or Discounted Nonprofit Software

Follow the link below to read the full article!
Raise more money. Develop better rapport. Accomplish your mission more effectively.

Sumac is a complete nonprofit solution that gives you all the tools you need to: track contacts + donations, process payments, manage events and programs, and send bulk email.

Sumac now has a... (continued)

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Inter-American Development Bank's Research and Data Page

The IDB has more than 30 researchers producing working papers on economic and social topics. Many of these documents constitute background research for the IDB’s flagship publication "Development in the Americas" prepared by the Research Department. In addition, the IDB also finances and mentors studies conducted by... (continued)

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Choosing Fundraising Software: 7 Things to Consider and a Whack of Great Resources

Follow the link below for the full article! Summary: Use this list to find the right fundraising software for your nonprofit. Also includes fundraising software reviews and resources to help you find the right match for your organization.

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Can Software Really Help You Raise More Money?

Follow the link below for the full article! Summary: Your database is a great donor relations tool, and once you begin to treat it that way, you will see drastic improvements in fundraising! Here are some examples to get you thinking about just how valuable it can be.

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Video: The Easiest Charity Event Software

Follow the link below for the full article! Summary: Overview video of Sumac nonprofit fundraising software.


Associated Employers' website

Associated Employers is a not-for-profit voluntary membership association committed to the success of employers, their employees and their businesses. AE serves over 750 businesses and organizations throughout Montana as the premier Human Resources specialist. Our professional staff provides expert advice, support, information, research and training.

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Hosting Your Nonprofit Donor CRM System in the Cloud

There is a revolution occurring in the fundraising sector – a silent yet rapidly approaching shift in how nonprofits raise their revenue, engage their donors, and manage their data. The old way of accessing and interacting with data via a system housed on your own is becoming costly – not just in overseeing a... (continued)

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All About Database and Records Management

It is important to have the structure of the development office in place before beginning a capital campaign. This is the foundation for any fundraising/development program. The composition of the development office should include:

• Development Plan
• Structure—staff & workflow
• Operations—policies and... (continued)

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Download the Consumers Guide to Donor Management Software

The Consumers Guide, from IdealWare and NTEN, provides you the unbiased comparative information you need to narrow down your choices in a fundraising system. The information is divided into two reports—the actual Consumers Guide, which provides summaries and recommendations across all systems reviewed, and the... (continued)

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A Practical Guide to Using Spreadsheets

Follow the link below for the full article! Summary: There are lots of reasons why using spreadsheets to manage your data is a bad idea, but if you’re going to use them, here are some tips for using them more effectively.

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Growing Your Board Step by Step

Follow the link below for the full article! Summary: Should a board of directors be made up of friends and relatives, worker bees or community leaders? All of the above, but at different times in the growth of your organization.

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Preparing Internal Documentation

Every Development office should have a document that can be handed to any new hire along with the words, "Here -- this is how we do things here."

Internal documentation is a "must" that most people seem to feel is a "must to avoid". Yes, this type of document requires a great deal of time to create, but it can be invaluable to... (continued)



From Microsoft Access to Sumac: A TechSoup CRM Case Study

TechSoup has started a series of case studies that look at what CRM software different non-profits are using, and how they have benefitted. Recently, they asked the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank about their experience with moving from Microsoft Access to Sumac. Here are some highlights from that interview...


Researching US Foundations, a practical approach

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Want to use the most comprehensive American Foundation Research Database available?

Get 3 hours of research time using the most comprehensive and flexible American Foundation Research Database available by attending our Workshop. Book today at an early bird discount... (continued)

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