Building More Respectful Dialogue in Meetings

Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Dialogue builds more insightful and better supported decisions in meetings. Effective dialogue requires a respectful exchange of views. But this can be difficult when the issue is complex and there are different stakes in its resolution. Resorting to meeting norms or asking people to behave in a certain way is seldom... (continued)

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9 Healthy Habits of Successful Boards

This short article lists 9 areas of board responibility. Use it as a checklist for your board to make sure that you're managing and governing your organization smartly.

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Steps Board Members Can Take in a Downturn

Nonprofit board members are asking what they should do – specifically to help organizations navigate the economic mess. BoardSource recently published Facing the Financial Crisis: 10 Smart Things Your Board Can Do Now. The article offers a solid, strategic perspective for boards. I have some supplemental words of... (continued)

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Oregon Ethics Commons Guideposts

In the spring of 1992, October Adamson-Woods, an award-winning ethics consultant to the State of Oregon; Cathleen Smith, a Portland State University professor interested in moral development; and Barry Anderson, a PSU professor interested in ethical decision making, reviewed 13 models for ethical decision making and distilled them... (continued)

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