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We'll dive in and answer these 3 questions:
• What is the perfect funding mix for your... (continued)

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Nonprofit Blog Post Template

Want to create more content for your blog, but having trouble coming up with the time? A great way to share organizational info and share stories is by asking stakeholders to contribute to your blog. The Nonprofit Blog Post Template provides a platform for guest contributors to share their stories in a... (continued)


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Nonprofit Animal Welfare and Wildlife Protection (2013) 150 + Resources to Grants, Loans and Scholarships

The UPDATED Nonprofit Animal Welfare and Wildlife Protection directory with 150+ funding resources across U.S and Canada is for seeking financial assistance toward pet and animal health, rescue, shelters, spay/neuter programs and wildlife conservation programs for... (continued)



Streamlining Online Grant Applications: A Review of Vendors

Online grant application systems can be a timesaver for all involved—or they can cause grantseekers and grantmakers hours of unnecessary frustration. Streamlining Online Grant Applications: A Review of Vendors evaluates seven different vendors, to help grantmakers identify the best systems to... (continued)

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How to Write a 2 Page Grant Proposal with Template

Follow the link below for the full article! Find out how to incorporate a huge amount of information in just two pages to prove to funders that you have a good case worthy of funding. Also includes a great example proposal that can be used as a template.

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Feasibility Analysis: Renewable Energy Potential in New Mexico (Indian Pueblos Case Study)

The purpose of this feasibility study focuses on an educational study of renewable energy potential in New Mexico. It focuses on a theoretical potential of educating one tribe about the specific commercial and other opportunities. The case study tailors renewable energy... (continued)

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NYTAP Report: Money Talks Panel Summary 11/23/09

NYTAP facilitates meaningful connections to peers, clients and information for the Management Assistance community, in order to strengthen the nonprofit sector.
This is a brief report from a past NYTAP forum on the subject of capacity building.

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Rebecca Hollingsworth

Rebecca Hollingsworth joined INOD February 2013 and upon the passing of Marianne Genetti, the founder of INOD became the Administrator of INOD. Prior to joining INOD, Rebecca completed 15 years of medical administration and clinical work. Rebecca then entered the legal industry and is a Paralegal with numerous certificates for outstanding achievements in both the medical and legal industries.

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How to Triumph at Fundraising: The Strategy and Tools for Success

Follow the link below for the full article! Summary: Need to improve fundraising? Here, we summarize the research to bring you a strategy that puts you on the path towards successful fundraising, along with the tools and resources to help you get each stage of that strategy right.

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Tips on how to win for-profit funding

If yours is like most nonprofits, there is always a need for additional funding. Corporate funding can be a viable option, but if you don't plan it properly it could mean more work for less pay off. Check out this example and heed the advice for your own organization! We love to hear from our readers: Please let us know if you... (continued)


Increase Funding Impact

All funding organizations want their grantees to achieve the maximum possible impact. We
recommend that foundations and other funding organizations who support the production of
educational resources should adopt a policy that strongly encourages or requires their grantees to
disseminate such resources under Creative Commons licenses in... (continued)

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Venture Philanthropy: Leveraging Compassion with Capacity in the National Capital Region

An address by Mario Morino, VPP, for the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers Annual Meeting, 6/21/00. Calls for a radical change in the way philanthropic monies are managed. Suggests that nonprofits are limited in their capacity to build strong organizations because they rely, for the most part, on... (continued)

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6 Ways to Get Reviewers to Believe in Your Proposal

If you want to write a winning grant proposal, you have to convince reviewers that your project is worth funding. Here are 6 things you should do, from our grant writing expert.

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Can You Make Money WIth Your Mission?

In this post-recession world, nonprofits continue to seek ways to increase money to create their missions. One option is to expand earned income or mission income, that is, income earned while doing mission,

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The Six Laws of Successful Big Innovations

To flourish, nonprofits need to regularly identify and adopt fresh, big innovations. This is important work and it often takes Michelangelo-like-skills. To create a masterpiece you must look into the future and see the opportunities trapped inside it. Then, like Michelangelo, you carve away what doesn’t work so you can... (continued)

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Nonprofit Income Innovation During the Great Recession: Lessons for Stormy Weather

This essay focuses on nonprofits’ response to the Great Recession. It makes visible three divergent experiences, with a focus on income streams. It analyzes the recession’s impact and shares the best of lessons learned and recommend future actions. The research is based on... (continued)


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More Money Next Year, Part II, The Practical

Join us as we continue to explore how your nonprofit can increase its funding with More Money Next Year. In Part II, we explore three practical steps to increase nonprofit funding. Two deal with current income. One identifies a growth area.

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Free Sites That Help You Raise Money and Awareness

Follow the link below for the full article! Summary: Need to raise money, or engage people with your cause? Well, there are many websites that let you do this and are completely free to use. Here we tell you about these websites and give you some helpful advice on how best to use them.


Grants, Sponsorships, Donations: How to Choose the Right Funding Source for Your Needs

Grants are just one leg of a three-legged stool. Here we take a closer look at each of the legs of the funding stool to get a better sense of how each funding source functions, and when it is the best choice to meet your needs.

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